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40th Birthday Gifts

They say 'life begins at 40' and at Track Days, we specialise in unique gifts that make ideal one off surprises for 40th birthday celebrations and other special occasions. Check out our wide range of experiences from Supercar Driving to Helicopter Rides or weekends away - it’s all available here, so take a look below!
Learn to Drift Half Day Drifting Experience with 3 Passenger Laps
Get those tyres smoking and learn to drift a performance drift-ready car on this awesome half day experience. Learn the basics in a specially prepare ...
£236.00    £79.00
Supercar Track Day Offer
Save 46% and drive Supercar on a real Racing Circuit before having the ex Radical European Champion, Andy Cummings take you for a adrenaline-fuelled ...
£219.00    £119.00
Double Fast and Furious Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
Here is your chance to drive two instantly recognisable cars from the hugely popular Fast & Furious franchise. Chose two cars from a fleet that featu ...
£69.00    £59.00
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Driving Experience - 12 Laps
Enjoy a driving experience in the formidable Aston Martin V8 Vantage with its slick curves and 400bhp. The car has eye catching aesthetics combined w ...
£178.00    £89.00
Triple Movie Car Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
Have you ever wanted to drive a car that you've seen on the silver screen? Now you can, thanks to this fantastic driving experience. You will get the ...
£105.00    £95.00
Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill Driving Experience - 12 Laps
Hop into the famous Lamborghini Gallardo for ten enthralling laps that are sure to leave a lasting memory. After an initial four passenger laps with ...
£198.00    £99.00
Ariel Atom 300 Thrill Driving Experience - 12 Laps
Hit the tarmac for an experience driving the supercharged Ariel Atom. The Atom houses a Jackson Racing Supercharged Honda i-VTEC engine. The Atom is ...
£198.00    £99.00
Audi R8 Thrill Driving Experience - 12 Laps
Take a drive in the Audi R8 the first supercar designed by the German motoring giants. The Audi R8 is the perfect example of precision German enginee ...
£178.00    £89.00
Triple Supercar Thrill Driving Experience - 28 Laps
Take advantage of this introductory offer and choose 3 cars to drive from a selection of some real high calibre supercars. Take a spin in the Porsche ...
£338.00    £169.00
Five Supercar Thrill Driving Experience - 44 Laps
Drive a selection of some highly impressive and insanely quick supercars along with some high-performance cars. Drive 8 laps in each of the five cars ...
£538.00    £269.00
Two Supercar Blast Driving Experience - 12 Laps
Supercars are no longer for the rich and famous, you to can now enjoy the thrill of driving supercars such as an Audi R8, Aston Martin, Bentley Conti ...
£158.00    £79.00
Three Supercar Blast Driving Experience - 16 Laps
Drive three Supercars from a range that covers both high performance, exotic and classic cars. At the Hertfordshire venue, the team of highly skilled ...
£218.00    £109.00
Four Supercar Blast Driving Experience - 20 Laps
The Four Supercar Driving Blast awaits you at the Bovingdon venue in Hertfordshire. Enjoy a drive in some of the best cars on offer anywhere in the U ...
£278.00    £139.00
Five Supercar Blast Driving Experience - 24 Laps
The five supercar blast offers you the chance to drive a range of cars that cover both supercars and performance cars at the purpose-built track at B ...
£338.00    £169.00
F1000 Single Seater Thrill - 12 Laps
The Formula F1000 Driving Thrill is one of the fastest single seater experiences in the UK, and you can now enjoy 8 mind-blowing laps around our purp ...
£248.00    £124.00
Four Supercar Thrill Driving Experience - 36 Laps
Drive a range of four supercars on a driving thrill around our purpose built track at London Motorsport Circuit. Which cars will you choose is the qu ...
£438.00    £219.00
60 Minute Stunt Pro Experience
The big brother to our Stunt Drive experience, with more manoeuvres, more time behind the wheel, and more thrills. You'll be taught a wide range of s ...
£236.00    £118.00
Bentley Continental GT Thrill Driving Experience - 12 Laps
When it comes to luxury, class, style and speed no other car can match the Bentley Continental GT. Thanks to it 12cylinder, 600bhp engine, this grand ...
£178.00    £89.00
Six Supercar Blast Driving Experience - 28 Laps
The six supercar blast offers you the chance to drive a range of cars that cover both supercars and performance cars at the purpose-built track at Bo ...
£398.00    £199.00
Six Supercar Thrill Driving Experience - 52 Laps
Drive a selection of some highly impressive and insanely quick supercars along with some high-performance cars. Drive 8 laps in each of the six cars ...
£638.00    £319.00
Learn to Drift 1 Hour Drifting Experience
Learn the basics in a Learn2Drift liveried Lexus IS200 drift car for a bargain basement price. You'll be taught the art of doughnuts and figures of 8 ...
£129.00    £49.00
Truck Driving Thrill
Get trucking! The Truck Driving Thrill is a driving experience with a difference, giving you the opportunity to take control of a mammoth truck, pull ...
£149.00    £99.00
Supercar Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
Experience the thrill of driving a supercar without any hassle. Choose your dream supercar from our high-spec performance collection, including Ast ...
£59.00    £49.00
Learn to Drift Half Day Drifting Experience with 6 Passenger Laps
Now’s the chance for you to experience the thrill of sideways driving, as you learn to drift a performance drift-ready car on this excellent half day ...
£265.00    £89.00
Tesla Model S P90d Thrill Driving Experience - 12 Laps
The future is here, and it's electric. The Tesla Model S P90D Thrill gets you behind the wheel of one of, if not the fastest saloon car around, with ...
£198.00    £99.00
Double Supercar Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
With our Double Supercar Blast, you're in control. Choose two high-spec supercars of your liking, and a professional driving instructor will guide ...
£79.00    £69.00
Triple Supercar Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
Have you always dreamt of driving a supercar? Our Triple Supercar Drive offers you the exclusive opportunity to choose three cars to drive, all under ...
£119.00    £109.00
Four Supercar Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
Take a spin in not one or two, but four supercars on this thrilling Four Supercar driving experience. Select from a wide array of performance superca ...
£149.00    £139.00
Five Supercar Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
The Five Supercar Drive driving experience offers you the unique opportunity to drive five supercars of your choice, all under the expert guidance of ...
£189.00    £179.00
Triple Fast and Furious Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
You have the opportunity to drive three iconic cars from the immensely popular Fast & Furious franchise. Choose three vehicles from a fleet that incl ...
£99.00    £89.00
Supercar Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Prepare for an exhilarating driving experience with a professional driving instructor in your favourite supercar! The options are endless, from high- ...
£119.00    £69.00
Double Supercar Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with the Double Supercar Thrill experience! You'll have the chance to take two of your dream supercars for a spi ...
£179.00    £115.00
Triple Supercar Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
The supercar... It's a dream of many to get behind the wheel of some of the big names in the supercar industry; now is your chance to experience the ...
£229.00    £175.00
Four Supercar Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Embark on a thrilling Four Supercar Thrill, driving four of your dream supercars around a track of your choice, all under the expert guidance of a pr ...
£289.00    £225.00
Five Supercar Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Now is your opportunity to take the wheel of five of your dream supercars on a track of your preference. Take the driver's seat of some of the most r ...
£319.00    £269.00
Six Supercar Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Get ready for an exhilarating experience with the Six Supercar Thrill! Take control of six of the world's most sought-after supercars, including icon ...
£389.00    £319.00
Triple Aston Martin Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
A must for all fans of prestigious British car manufacturer Aston Martin, and James Bond. This experience gets you behind the wheel of a recreation o ...
£119.00    £109.00
Triple Premium Supercar Drive
The Triple Premium Supercar Blast is a driving experience like no other, giving you the opportunity to drive three top-spec supercars from your choic ...
£209.00    £199.00
Double Supercar Drive for Two
Get ready for the ultimate supercar experience with the Double Supercar Blast for Two. You and a friend or loved one will choose two of your favorite ...
£119.00    £109.00
Triple All Star Driving Experience with High Speed Passenger Ride
Our Triple All Star Driving Experience is offering up the opportunity to drive three of your dream cars from the biggest pick and mix of Supercars, C ...
£149.00    £95.00

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

In addition to our personalised birthday gifts for him and her, we have even more incredible milestone birthday ideas perfect for inspiring, indulging, and delighting both of you. You're at the perfect location whether you're searching for unique ideas for your spouse's 40th birthday, or you just need some present inspiration.

We've got everything: birthday gifts for women; birthday gifts for men; birthday gifts for friends; colleagues; grandparents; pen pals; from enjoyable family trips to flying lessons and supercar thrills! Birthday cards are great - but take a look at our range of 40th birthday gift ideas and make this one to remember.

You're having trouble choosing the right 40th birthday presents, are you? Check out what other people have done for their 40th birthday, with some of our best-selling ideas above.

What about some Supercar Decimation! Most drivers are seldom granted the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of some of the world's most coveted supercars, so allow them to choose their favourites for a high-speed, exhilarating drive that provides world-class style. Add on a highly recommended high-speed passenger ride at the end of the experience to have one of the professional racers take you round the track at blistering speeds.

We’re always happy to receive Group Bookings, meaning that our track day and driving experiences make for a unique 40th birthday celebration or party ideas that a hired room or hall just can’t deliver.

If you know a 40-year-old celebrating a birthday, then we have the supercar experience for them. They will be given the keys to a prestige model, such as a Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche or Aston Martin, and enjoy a high-speed blast around a race circuit accompanied by a professional instructor.

There’s plenty of opportunity to take photographs, so although they won’t be able to take a supercar home, they can take their memories (which is almost as good!).

As well as supercars, you can get behind the wheel with in a single-seater race car – or another 40th birthday idea is the ultimate high-performance machine. These cars aren’t for the faint-hearted, capable of reaching 100mph in under five seconds, and are similar to those driven by F1 legends such as Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

Two-wheel fans can also join in the fast-paced action, either by riding their own machine on a track day or with the opportunity to ride a sizzling Yamaha R6. Meanwhile, our tank driving experiences offer something completely different and with some packages there’s even the chance to drive a 56-ton Chieftain Main Battle Tank and crush a saloon car - a truly unique 40th birthday gift.

You’re never too old to learn something new, and that includes learning to fly an airplane. With these experiences you’ll be taught the basics of flying and be given the opportunity to actually fly the plane. What’s more, a flying lesson can count towards gaining a Private Pilot’s Licence. You can give your loved ones a totally personalised birthday. After all this is the big 4-0.

What Locations Are Available for 40th Birthday Gifts?

We are extremely proud of our wide selection of locations and experiences across the UK here at TrackDays. In particular due to the extensive range we have on offer that is extremely well suited to 40th Birthday gifts, we can essentially ensure wherever you're based in the UK that we can offer experiences that are not only local but that still provide an adrenaline rush like no other!

If you’re looking to purchase a driving experience, then we have hundreds of circuits and venues dotted around the nation. From the deep south in Perranporth, through the Midlands at the iconic Silverstone to St Andrews in Scotland, we’re able to provide you with the perfect experience at the perfect location.

Dependent on the product you’re looking for the lucky 40 year old, why not use our location filter to see what experiences are located closer to you? Or alternatively, if you’re looking to travel far for an experience why not team it with one of our hotel break experiences, the perfect way to cap off a 40th Birthday, an unforgettable unique day out combined with a magnificent stay at one of our many hotels and spas around the UK?

Either way, from every single angle, we have you covered here at TrackDays, so when the big day arrives and your friend, loved one or family member turns 40, rest assured that TrackDays will be here to provide on hand experiences to make it a truly memorable birthday!

Supercar Driving Experiences for 40th Birthdays

Our supercar driving experience days are absolutely one of the most popular gifts - and allow you to go behind the wheel of some of the world's fastest, most powerful, and most costly automobiles. The words "super car" conjure up images of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche. But, in addition to these top-of-the-line supercar names, we also have some lesser-known but equally spectacular cars like the Nissan GTR and Ariel Atom, both of which can go from zero to sixty in 2.7 seconds! Look through our large variety of racing supercar experiences and use the filters to narrow down which supercar and how many you wish to drive.

From Scotland's Knockhill and Lochgelly Raceway to the Midlands' Prestwold Hall and Rockingham to the south east's North Weald Airfield and Brands Hatch, we provide supercar driving experiences and supercar driving days at a wide range of UK venues. The majority of the locations where we operate include supercar driving experiences for adults as well as supercar driving experiences for children aged 10 to 17, in the most exotic and sought-after supercars available, such as the Ferrari 458, Ferrari 430, and Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan. With country-wide availability on most packages and flexible booking, experience gift cards are ideal for Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day, and just about any occasion!

How Do I Book a 40th Birthday Gift?

Booking one of our many selections at TrackDays has never been easier than it is today! Your loved one’s 40th will be a smooth succinct day out if you choose to book with us due to our superb selection of booking options and payment methods.

If you’re planning to book a surprise day out for a friend, loved one, or family member then why not opt to check out some of our live date availability calendars? In particular for driving experiences, we can offer live dates which means you can book onto an experience with complete ease and ensure yours and your groups booking is secured nice and early!

Alternatively, if you just want to provide one of our gifts for the lucky recipient then you’ll definitely want to opt for an open date gift voucher. These are a superb option as they’ll allow the lucky recipient to choose when to utilise this epic 40 year old birthday gift! They can either redeem the voucher using our online portal, or give our helpful customer service team a call who will assist you or them throughout their purchasing journey!

So, what are you waiting for! Book your loved one, friend or family member a package with TrackDays today and create an unforgettable experience!

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