Classic Car Experiences

Classic Car Experiences

Go back in time to car manufacturings Golden Era with a classic car driving experience. Forget ECUs and traction control, drive a classic without the aid of computers and feel the raw power the likes of the Aston Martin DB6, AC Cobra, MK1 Escort, Austin Healey and Jaguar E-Type have to offer. Available at various UK venues, classic car experiences are perfect for adults and juniors. Check out the full range of classic experiences below.

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Bicester Heritage Treble

Drive three Classic Cars from a choice of 4 on a track driving session at the nostalgic Bicester Heritage venue in Oxfordshire. An amazing setting to ...

£299.00   £ 199.00

Ultimate Classic Car Thrill

Drive five classic cars for 8 miles in each at the Heyford Park venue in Oxfordshire. This experience is ideal as a retirement gift or for anyone who ...

£399.00   £ 299.00

Bicester Heritage Double

Take two Classic Cars from a choice of five on a track driving session at the nostalgic Bicester Heritage venue in Oxfordshire. A double classic car d ...

£199.00   £ 129.00

Classic Car Double

Trackdays offers you the chance to drive two classic British cars, one being the Austin Healy 3000 and the other is the world-renowned Jaguar E Type. ...

£189.00   £ 119.00

Best of British

Drive 2 iconic British Supercars, the Aston Martin DB9 and the classic Jaguar E Type high speed around the specially laid out Circuit at Heyford Park. ...

£189.00   £ 129.00

MK1 Escort RS Blast

Enjoy a driving experience in the classic MK1 Escort RS one of the most famous rally cars ever produced. Buy a voucher to give as a gift or why not ju ...

£99.00   £ 39.00

Shelby Cobra Driving Blast

Take advantage of a Trackdays AC Cobra driving experience gift voucher and enjoy driving one of the most famous cars ever produced. Buy an open gift v ...

£99.00   £ 39.00

Ferrari 348 TS Blast

Drive a piece of history with the Ferrari 348 TS driving experience gift voucher and enjoy driving a classic Ferrari. Buy an open gift voucher or book ...

£99.00   £ 39.00

Classic Best of British

Drive two classic British supercars and compare them off against each other. The Aston Martin Vantage and the Jaguar E Type are regarded as two of the ...

£189.00   £ 139.00

Bicester Heritage Thrill

Pick your favourite from a fleet of five Classic Cars and take it for a track driving session at the nostalgic Bicester Heritage venue in Oxfordshire ...

£109.00   £ 79.00

Classic Mini Thrill

The Mini is one of probably the most iconic compact car of all time, forever immortalised by being the car of choice in the Italian Job. Drive this po ...

£99.00   £ 69.00

Double Supercar Blast with High Speed Ride

Drive two cars made famous in the movies. Pick from a list of cars made famous in the movies from the likes of the Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline and C ...

£99.00   £ 69.00

Triple Supercar Blast with High Speed Ride

Drive 3 cars featured in your favourite films around a track with this driving experience. Book a voucher or book directly onto a date with Trackdays. ...

£129.00   £ 99.00

Classic Car Treble

If you are fond of a bygone era of cars look no further than the Classic Car Treble driving experience at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire. 10 month open g ...

£199.00   £ 169.00

Classic Aston Martin Vantage Thrill

Drive the classic Aston Martin Vantage at the Heyford Park venue in Oxfordshire. Built in the 1970's the Aston still offers a fun driving experience n ...

£99.00   £ 69.00

Austin Healey 3000 Thrill

The Austin Healey 300 is a iconic British sports car and with yours to drive for four laps on the Heyford Park circuit. Purchase as an ...

£99.00   £ 79.00

Mustang GT350 Blast

Have a blast around one of our tracks with the Mustang GT350 driving experience. The Mustang GT350 driving experiences are great Christmas and Birthda ...

£59.00   £ 39.00

Corvette Stingray Blast

Strap in tight and get ready to put foot to the floor with the Corvette Stingray driving experience. Drive this iconic American muscle car at one of f ...

£49.00   £ 39.00

Jaguar E Type ET2

Drive in style. Take the Jaguar E-Type type for a spin - as it was designed to be driven. ...

£99.00   £ 89.00

Camaro SS Blast

If you like classic American muscle cars then the Camaro SS driving experience blast is the perfect gift experience voucher for you. ...

£49.00   £ 39.00

Classic Car Blast

Go back in time and experience a beautifully restored and maintained classic. Pick your favourite from a fleet that includes the Ford Mustang and Asto ...

£ 59.00

Classic Car Double Blast

Drive two classic cars at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire for 3 miles in each. Choose from some of the most loved British and American classic cars such a ...

£ 89.00

What is a Classic Car Driving Experience?

Classic Car Driving Experience

Return to the golden era of motoring with a classic car driving experience, back to the days before traction control and stability control to a time of real driving. Admire the beauty of the Jaguar E-Type, feel the power of the Shelby Cobra or act like James Bond in an Aston Martin DB6, the choice is yours.

Available at a range of locations across the country, offer a range of experiences for both adults and juniors. These experiences give you the rare opportunity to drive these collectors cars either on the track or on the open road driving through some of the UK’s most scenic countryside.

For a truly immersive experience why not choose the Bicester Heritage Centre in Oxfordshire for your experience. It has been completely restored to resemble how it looked during the 1940s, creating an amazing backdrop for your classic car event.

While you may not be able to afford to buy the dream classic from your youth, that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the opportunity to drive one. These wonderful classics are rare to see on the roads today and it’s even rarer to get the opportunity to drive one.

Whether your passion is British classics like the Austin Healey 3000, Mini or Aston Martin or American muscle like the Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette or Ford Mustang, we have experiences to suit all tastes.

For those who long to drive a selection of newer classics we also have a number of more modern classics available to drive including the Aston Martin DB9, Nissan Skyline GTR R34 and Ferrari 348TS.

If you are looking to add even more excitement to your day why not drive additional cars, we offer a range of deals giving you the opportunity to drive multiple cars during your experience, from two to five cars.

On our classic car driving gift experiences, you will think the golden age of motoring is back! These cars don't just turn heads but stir the soul as well. Below you will find all of our awesome packages which make great gifts for any motoring fans. You can order a 10-month gift voucher or book directly onto a date.


Our Ranking System

To help you make your decision on which experiences to buy, our star ratings are based on a combination of popularity, price and content.

1 - 3 stars

Value experiences - great for low budgets but usually less drive-time than higher priced experiences. Usually limited to airfield type venues.

3 - 4 stars

Most popular experiences which have a good balance between price, itinerary and venue. Usually more drive-time and often better standard of venue than budget experiences.

5 stars

Top end, exclusive or rarest driving experiences with the best cars, best venues and the most amount of driving.