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Watersport Experiences

At Trackdays, we love nothing better than getting wet and wild and so can you with our fantastic range of Watersport Experience Days. If you've ever wanted to captain a boat our half and full day Yachting and Sailing days are the perfect way of enjoying a day out on the open water, but if you would like something slightly more extreme a whitewater rafting experience maybe the full on adrenaline experience you seek. There an experience for everyone wether you're looking to jump in at the deep end or are looking for a calming canoeing day!
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    • Watersport Experiencesremove
  • Types
    • Jet-Skiing and Flyboarding(10)
    • Kayaking(23)
    • Paddleboarding(24)
    • Power Boating(25)
    • Scuba Diving(7)
    • Surfing(5)
    • Swimming(9)
    • Wakeboarding(2)
    • Whitewater Rafting(34)
    • Yacht Sailing(23)
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  • Regions
    • East Midlands(16)
    • East of England(18)
    • North East(2)
    • North West(5)
    • Northern Ireland(1)
    • Scotland(9)
    • South East(38)
    • South West(32)
    • Wales(11)
    • West Midlands(17)
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    • £500+(6)

Who can do a watersport experience

Splish, splash…adrenalin junkies can get their fix on the water, or above and below it, with our wet ‘n’ wild range of watersport experiences. is sure to have a watery adventure waiting for you, from some of watersports latest crazes such as fly boarding, through to more traditional activities including yacht sailing.

If you haven’t already heard of it, then fly boarding is taking the world by storm and is not for the fainthearted! High-powered jets of water blast from your arms and feet, propelling you skywards.

Wakeboarding is also growing fast in popularity and offers the chance for aerial antics using the crest from the wake from a motorboat to give you a lift upwards as it tows you.

You can head below the waves by scuba diving, also guaranteed to provide plenty of thrills.

Meanwhile, you can stay firmly on the water (not above or below it) with our kayaking, power boating, surfing, white water rafting and yacht sailing experiences.

Paddle power is the order of the day with kayaking. There’s the opportunity to get in an open canoe and a kayak, all designed to be stable so there’s little chance of falling out, unless you really try to.

White water rafting will give you and your friends the ride of your life as you enjoy a white- knuckle journey down fast-moving rapids, hidden dips and narrow channels. Don’t worry though as a qualified instructor will be with you so you get the most out of your time in the water.

Power boating offers an action-packed buzz of a different kind. With these experiences you’ll be taken on a high-octane blast across the waves, some of which also allow passengers to take the wheel.

Yacht sailing is always a perennial favourite and no wonder as you’ll have the chance to take to the seas and learn how to master one of the oldest forms of transport.

Finally, our surfing experiences let you test your board skills riding some of the UK’s biggest waves in Cornwall. has a wide range of watersport activities to ‘wet’ the appetite. Simply find the one for you or treat a loved-one, family member or work colleague.

We have lots to offer

One of the most popular types of watersport activities is powerboat experiences. There is nothing quite like the speed and power of a powerboat as it hops across the surface of the water. With the spray in your face and some mega horse-power in your hands, your adrenaline will be pumping! For something a little less aggressive why not master the art of waterskiing, wakeboarding or surfing to really impress your friends next time you hit the beach? Below we have compiled a list of water sport activities that you can book as open gift vouchers. These watersport  gift experiences are perfect gift ideas for friends, family and loved ones and they make for truly unique birthday presents.