Track Day Car Hire

Date Vehicle Circuit Hire Cost
29/12/2018 Ariel Atom Donington Park £1400.00 View
29/12/2018 BMW E36 M3 EVO Donington Park £1155.00 View
29/12/2018 Honda Integra DC2 Type R Car Hire Donington Park £950.00 View
29/12/2018 Honda S2000 Donington Park £950.00 View
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Lotus Elise R Track Day Car Hire

  • great power to weight ratio
  • 1 driver and mechanical backup
  • delivered to the circuit

£ 1095.00

Lotus Exige S Track Day Car Hire

  • british built racing car
  • on site mechanical backup
  • delivery to 10 circuits

£ 1295.00

Lotus 2-Eleven Track Day car Hire

  • amazing track car
  • full mechanical backup
  • delivery to 10 tracks

£ 1395.00

Caterham R400 Superlight Track Day Car Hire

  • full day hire
  • full mechanical support
  • for use at various circuits 

£ 995.00

Ariel Atom Track Day Car Hire

  • includes delivery*
  • 2 drivers
  • mechanical support

£ 1400.00

Porsche 924 Track Day Car Hire

  • includes delivery*
  • 2 drivers
  • mechanical support

£1150.00   £ 950.00

BMW E36 M3 EVO Track Day Car Hire

  • includes delivery*
  • 2 drivers
  • mechanical support

£1355.00   £ 1155.00

Mazda MX5 Track Day Car Hire

  • Includes delivery*
  • 2 drivers
  • echanical support

£ 650.00

Honda S2000 Track Day Car Hire

  • includes delivery*
  • 2 drivers
  • mechanical support

£ 950.00

Honda Integra DC2 Type R Car Hire

  • includes delivery*
  • 2 drivers
  • mechanical support

£ 950.00

Caterham Superlight R300 Track Day Car Hire

  • Hire the track ready Caterham Superlight R300
  • 2 drivers plus 1 tank of fuel
  • Helmet hire and mechanical support provided

£ 1100.00
  • What is Track Day Car Hire?

    If you want to take part in a track day but would rather not use your own pride an joy, we are your one stop shop for track day car hire, providing a service to include your choice of track car hire for a days circuit driving. Price includes everything you need for your track day essentials. All that is left to do is book your circuit and choose your car. (Track day sold seperately).
    Everyone has a different idea of what makes their perfect track day. Some wish to learn in order to go racing, some simply wish to enjoy their track day with friends with minimal hassle and/or risk. If you have specific requirements such as extra drivers, tuition, hospitality or any other track day service then this can also be provided for additional charge.

  • What is included when i hire a track day car?

    Here you can find a track car hire option for a full day to meet your track day needs. Where you can see a date allocated to a hire package you will get a single price that includes the following:

    • 1. A full day hire of your prefered track car
    • 2. Delivery to your chosen circuit
    • 3. A full tank of fuel*
    • 4. Fully comprehensive insurance
    • 5. Mechanical support
    • 6. Spares package
    • Optional:
    • 1. Helmet/Kit Hire
    • 2. Go-Pro camera video
    • 3. Hospitality and refreshments
    If no date is showing then the terms may be different so please read the package details carefully.

  • What Experience is required?

    Essentially all you need is to hold a valid UK driving licence but please consider your track day requirements carefully; how many track days have you done before? Have you ever had track day training? We recommend that your track car hire be in line with your on-circuit experience. This will help you extract the most out of the performance available from your specific track day hire car and ensure you are not too far out your comfort zone on the day. If you were learning how to shoot they wouldn't start you off with a machine gun! For instance, if you have never driven on a track before then you will certainly enjoy driving a Mazda MX5 more than an Ariel Atom. The Atom is certainly a quick car around a track but balancing the power requires skill. You'll still be quick in a Mazda but you will find the physics of the car much easier to get to grips with.

    Please browse the choice of track day hire cars below where you can select anything from one of the most popular entry level track cars available for hire, like a Mazda MX5, to a popular advanced level hire car such as an Ariel Atom. Once you have chosen your preferred track day hire car you will need to book it SEPARATELY for your desired track day using the car track day calendar. We can then confirm your booking and track car hire delivery details.

    When you have received your event and car hire booking confirmation, the car will then be waiting for you on the day in the paddock area with your mechanic/host on hand to greet you in the morning. Your track car will have a full tank of fuel, with additional fuel provided by your support staff member for additional cost throughout the day (*not all packages include free fuel and there may be a fair usage clause in place).

    We recommend you book your track car hire at the same time as your track day to ensure you get a space. You can be sure that if you need to hire a track car then we can provide the best option for you, and if you need help with any questions please feel free to contact us by email or phone.


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