Smeatharpe Driving Experiences


Smeatharpe, also known as RAF Upottery is a former World War II airfield in Exeter, Devon which famously appeared in an episode of the TV series 'Band of Brothers'. Also on-site is the banger racing venue 'Smeatharpe Stadium'.

2017 will be the first time that the runway has been used for supercar driving experiences and brings these awesome events closer to the people of Devon and Cornwall who previously would have had to travel much further.

The track at Smeatharpe is layed out using cones on a large section of the runway creating a track that is approx 1 mile in length. The un-intimidating layout has plenty of runoff and marked braking zones making it a safe and well controlled environment for guests to enjoy driving Supercars.

The range of cars available to drive includes Ferrari 360/ 430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin, Audi R8, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911/997 as standard, and from the platinum range you can choose a BMW i8, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Performante, McLaren MP4-12C and an Audi R8 V10.

You can book a gift voucher for someone to do a driving experience (valid for 10 months) or you can book directly onto a date. For 2017 there will be 10 dates running on Friday and Saturday dates.

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Supercar 5 Blast

  • Drive 5 supercars 
  • 7 UK locations available
  • Additional upgrades available

£209.00   £119.00

Fantastic Four Blast

  • 12 miles driving four cars
  • Special offer price
  • 7 locations to choose from

£169.00   £99.00

Supercar Treble Taster Offer

  • Experience a total of 9 miles driving
  • One of our most popular driving experience packages
  • 7 UK locations for great flexibility

£129.00   £79.00

Supercar Double Offer

  • 10-month gift voucher
  • Book straight onto a date
  • Christmas offer

£149.00   £99.00

Junior Supercar Treble Offer

  • 30 minutes driving
  • Great selection of supercars
  • Special offer price

£199.00   £159.00

Junior Supercar Double

  • 20 minutes of driving
  • Choice of 2 Supercars
  • Weekends and Summer Holidays

£139.00   £99.00

Ultimate Ferrari Experience

  • Ferrari 360/430/458
  • Over 21 miles driving
  • 7 UK locations

£299.00   £249.00

Double Supercar Blast

  • 3 miles in each of the chosen vehicles
  • Choose from one of 7 locations 
  • Selection of cars includes Ferrari, Lamborghini plus many more

£89.00   £59.00

Trackdays Horsepower Heaven

  • Exclusive to Trackdays
  • 5 top vehicles
  • 7 locations

£499.00   £479.00

Supercar Thrill Offer

  • Choice of cars and locations
  • High-speed passenger ride included
  • Driving certificate on completion

£79.00   £69.00

Supercar Driving Taster

  • 3-mile drive around a choice of UK locations
  • A fleet of supercars to choose from 
  • Special offer price ideal for birthday gifts

£49.00   £39.00

Junior Supercar Thrill

  • Juniors can pick one of our great supercars
  • Perfect for juniors aged between 11-17
  • 5 locations to pick from

£79.00   £69.00

BMW i8 Driving Thrill

  • 6 miles of driving
  • Only hybrid supercar
  • Various venues to pick from


Double Platinum Supercar Blast

  • 6 miles driving 2 cars
  • Choice of platinum supercars
  • 8 venues available 


Supercar Treble Platinum

  • 18 miles
  • Passenger ride 
  • Available on weekdays & weekends


Ariel Atom Thrill

  • 6 miles driving the Ariel Atom
  • 8 UK venues to available
  • 10-month gift voucher makes ideal gift


Aston Martin Thrill

  • 6 miles driving Aston Martin
  • 7 venues to choose from
  • 10 month gift voucher


Ferrari Thrill

  • 6 miles driving a Ferrari
  • 7 venues for added flexibility
  • Great gift for various occasions


Lamborghini Gallardo Thrill

  • Most popular Lamborghini
  • 6-mile driving experience
  • 7 venues to pick from


Audi R8 Thrill

  • 7 venues to choose from
  • 6 miles driving 
  • First supercar built by Audi


Nissan GTR Thrill

  • 7 venues available 
  • 6 miles driving
  • Weekday and Weekend dates


Porsche Thrill

  • 6 miles driving the Porsche
  • 10-month gift voucher
  • 7 locations to pick from


Supercar Five Blast

  • drive 5 supercars
  • exeter venue
  • upgrades available


Mustang GT350

  • Renowned American Muscle car
  • Staggering 271bhp at your fingertips
  • 5 venues available to choose from


Movie Car Double

  • 12 miles driving supercars
  • 2 famous movie cars
  • Upgrades available


Movie Car Treble

  • 18 miles of driving
  • Cars made famous in the movies
  • Car upgrades available


Junior Audi R8 Thrill

  • The perfect chance for a junior to drive the Audi R8 for a thrilling experience
  • Various venues across England and Scotland from Feb-Oct
  • Weekdays and weekends available to book


Junior Ferrari Thrill

  • Kids aged between 11-17 can now enjoy a junior Ferrari driving experience
  • Gift vouchers valid for 10 months from the date of purchase
  • Venues across England and Scotland with weekdays and weekend dates


Junior Lamborghini Thrill

  • 10-minute junior Lamborghini driving experience at one of 9 UK venues
  • Weekdays and weekend dates are available from February-October
  • Vouchers are valid for 10-months making them the perfect gift idea


Junior Porsche Thrill

  • A voucher for the junior Porsche driving experience makes for a perfect Birthday gift
  • Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months and can be used on weekdays or weekends
  • Venues range from South East, South West, East and West Midlands, North East and Scotland


Junior Nissan GTR Thrill

  • Experience the thrill of the junior Nissan GTR driving experience across the UK
  • Track day vouchers available for weekdays and weekends
  • 5 UK venues to choose from including Dunsfold Park in Surrey


Junior Aston Martin Thrill

  • Get ready to enjoy a 10-minute junior Aston Martin driving experience
  • Choose from 9 locations across England and Scotland
  • Book a gift voucher or book directly onto any available date


Our Ranking System

To help you make your decision on which experiences to buy, our star ratings are based on a combination of popularity, price and content.

1 - 3 stars

Value experiences - great for low budgets but usually less drive-time than higher priced experiences. Usually limited to airfield type venues.

3 - 4 stars

Most popular experiences which have a good balance between price, itinerary and venue. Usually more drive-time and often better standard of venue than budget experiences.

5 stars

Top end, exclusive or rarest driving experiences with the best cars, best venues and the most amount of driving.