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McLaren Driving Experiences

See McLaren's racing pedigree first hand with a McLaren driving experience. With a rich history in motorsports, driving a McLaren is a must for any petrol head. Tick it off of your bucket list and get behind the wheel of the 570S, 720S or the MP4 12C, with a GT3 variant available. Our full range of adult and junior McLaren driving experiences, at UK wide locations, can be found below.

McLaren Driving Experiences
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Top McLaren Driving Experiences Near Me

McLaren 570S Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride

Pick a venue and experience up to 6 miles behind the wheel of the McLaren 570S, a 562 bhp beast that'll leave you wanting more. Available to book onli ...
£139.00   £ 89.00

McLaren 650s Thrill

Book a McLaren 650s Thrill Driving Experience day. Drive a High Performance McLaren for 6 miles at UK wide venues with ...
£ 99.00

McLaren 570S Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride

Pick a venue and experience up to 3 miles behind the wheel of the McLaren 570S, a 562 bhp beast that'll leave you wanting more. Available to book onli ...
£99.00   £ 59.00

Supercar Double Platinum Thrill

Book a Double Platinum Supercar Thrill Driving Experience at UK wide venues. Two platinum supercars for 6 miles each at a choice of venues with TrackD ...
£ 169.00

Diamond Supercar Thrill

Book a Diamond Supercar Thrill Driving Experience. Drive one of our most luxurious cars from our fleet for 6 miles at UK wide venues with ...
£ 119.00

McLaren 720s Blast

Book a McLaren 720s Blast Driving Experience day. Drive the most premium McLaren Supercar for 3 miles at UK wide venues with ...
£ 89.00

Junior McLaren 570S Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride

Book a McLaren 570S Blast Driving Experience for Junior drivers aged 10 and up. 3 Miles plus a High Speed Passenger Ride to book at venues nationwide ...
£149.00   £ 59.00

Junior McLaren 570S Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride

Book a McLaren 570S Thrill Driving Experience for Junior drivers aged 10 and up. 6 Miles plus a High Speed Passenger Ride to book at venues nationwide ...
£149.00   £ 79.00

McLaren 650s Blast

Book a McLaren 650s Blast Driving Experience day. Drive a High Performance McLaren for 3 miles at UK wide venues with ...
£ 69.00

McLaren 720s Thrill

Book a McLaren 720s Thrill Driving Experience day. Drive the most premium McLaren Supercar for 6 miles at UK wide venues with ...
£ 119.00

McLaren 570S Driving Experience

Drive the stunning McLaren 570S and Porsche Cayman at Thruxton, one of the UK's fastest race tracks. ...
£ 299.00

McLaren 570S Plus Driving Experience

Drive the McLaren 570S, Porsche Cayman, and Formula Renault racing car on the UK's fastest race circuit. A fantastic driving experience that you won't ...
£ 360.00

McLaren 570S Thrill

Enjoy 3 laps of the famous Thruxton race circuit with the McLaren 570S thrill driving experience. Buy a gift voucher or why not book d ...
£ 195.00

Triple Premium Supercar Blast

Get behind the wheel of three premium supercars including the Lamborghini Huracan and the Ferrari 458 at your choice of venue. ...
£319.00   £ 155.00

Double Platinum Supercar Blast

Book a Double Platinum Supercar Blast Driving Experience Day. Drive two cars from our Platinum Supercar range for 3 miles each at UK wide venues with ...
£ 109.00

Triple Platinum Supercar Blast

Book a Triple Platinum Supercar Blast Driving Experience Day. Drive three cars from our Platinum Supercar range for 3 miles each at UK wide venues wit ...
£ 149.00

Triple Diamond Supercar Blast

Book a Triple Diamond Supercar Blast Driving Experience at UK wide venues. Book onto a date or purchase a gift voucher with ...
£ 219.00

Triple Diamond Supercar Thrill

Book a Triple Diamond Supercar Thrill Driving Experience at UK wide venues. Book onto a date or purchase a gift voucher with ...
£ 329.00
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What is a McLaren Driving Experience?

Since their reintroduction in 2010, McLarens have always been the premier British supercar manufacturer competing with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Following in the footsteps of their motorsport counterparts you too can experience the speed, handling and thrills that a McLaren supercar can offer.

We have a number of incredible McLaren supercars available for your driving pleasure including an MP4-12 GT3 racing car. Nothing compares to the roaring unrestrained V8 in the back of a full-on racing car. This incredible machine has 496bhp and is capable of speeds in excess of 180mph. You will have the opportunity to experience exactly what a racing driver experiences as you speed around the track feeling all the bumps and G-forces in this purpose built racing car.

Another of McLaren’s highlight cars we have to offer is the 720S. With 700bhp and a 0-60 time of just 2.6 seconds, this incredible machine has to be seen to be believed. With a top speed of 212mph, this is the quickest McLaren in the Trackdays fleet and we will give you the chance to take it around the track at a number of world famous locations across the country.

We also have the 720S’ baby brother available, the 570S. This amazing supercar is no less of a thrill ride, capable of 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds thanks to its 3.8-litre V8 engine. Pumping out 570bhp, this baby McLaren has an incredible top speed of 210mph.

All of these fantastic McLaren experiences are available at a range of locations across the country including the world famous Brands Hatch, Knockhill, and Dunsfold Park. On all our driving experiences you will receive a full driver’s safety briefing from a fully qualified instructor. But don’t worry, they aren’t there to ruin your day, they are there to make sure you have the most amount of fun possible in a safe, controlled environment.

Above you will find our full list of experiences as well as all of our McLaren experiences. We also offer a range of McLaren driving experiences for kids, great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Where Can I Drive a McLaren in the UK?

At Trackdays, we are passionate about providing driving experiences in the most powerful supercars to as many people as possible! That’s why we’ve also focused on expanding our available locations across the UK, so we always have a track or circuit available for any of our customers. Whether you’re near Perranporth or Smeatharpe Circuit in the South West, or at Tockwith Motorsports Centre up North in Yorkshire, our wide selection of locations means we always have a feasible option for you to jump behind the wheel of a McLaren.

We also have McLaren experiences available at some of the most iconic circuits around the UK also. From Silverstone to Brands Hatch, these famous motorsports venues are not only superb experiences in themselves, but the opportunity to drive some of the most powerful supercars in the world on their tracks makes these platinum venues the ideal playing ground!

If you’re looking to see where your nearest location for an unforgettable driving experience is, then why not check out the filters you can use on our McLaren page and filter by region in the UK to find your closest venue! It’s a superb tool and allows you to plan the day out, or helps to purchase gifts for those that don’t live so local!

How do I book a McLaren Experience?

Booking your McLaren Experience has never been easier than right now at Trackdays. We have spent a large amount of time perfecting our booking process with the vision of making the experience from finding the right package on the website to getting behind the wheel as easy and as succinct as possible.

Our live date availability means that if you’re booking for yourself you can go directly onto the calendar and select a date and time that works for you once you have found your package. This is perfect if you know your schedule or alternatively if you’re looking for something slightly more last minute!

If you’re in the other camp, where you are buying for a friend, family member or loved one, then our open date gift vouchers will be a much more suitable option for you. These vouchers are valid for 10 months from purchase, so they’re a superb option if you’re not sure of the person's schedule or availability!

Once the voucher is purchased they can go and redeem it online and book themselves onto a date or alternatively give our customer service team a call and get it booked in through them, either way, a McLaren is an unforgettable gift and it’s never been easier to book than right now!

Essential Booking Information for McLaren Experiences

If you are buying an open gift voucher for a McLaren package, please check as some McLaren special offer vouchers and normal packages may have a shorter or longer validity to be used and activated within, which will be clearly stated on the gift voucher.

If you wish to book directly onto a date for a McLaren drive you need to be aware that you are making a booking request only and the date and time that you choose will be subject to availability upon us receiving the order. We usually confirm bookings within 48 hours but it’s important that you do not make any arrangements in conjunction with your booking request until you have a final confirmation email. The immediate receipt you get when making a booking request is not the confirmation.

Other important things to consider when purchasing McLaren Track Days is that the driver meets all of the requirements in terms of age, weight, height and driving licence. Each experience will have its own unique requirements so make sure you have read the important information thoroughly.

If an experience is for junior drivers only we will usually mention this in the name of the package but not in all cases. If a driver turns out to not meet the requirements on the day it's likely they will not get to drive and may have to settle for a passenger ride instead.

Featured Car: The McLaren 720s

So, which McLaren do we believe is the best option for you? Well, they all have excessive power, but the McLaren 720s is an example of some of the most elite engineering of the modern supercar era. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 211mph, the 720s is an undeniable force that provides an unprecedented level of thrills, excitement and energy. Comparable perhaps only to a rollercoaster, driving the 720s and experiencing its raw speed, the phenomenal handling and the spine tingling acceleration is a ride you’re never going to forget. So buckle up as you pedal to the metal with this incredible McLaren 720s driving experience.

Other McLaren vehicles available to drive are:

Mclaren 540c

McLaren MP4 12C

McLaren 570S

McLaren 650S Spider

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Terms and Conditions

All applicable terms and conditions may be found at

Event Descriptions

At the time of this pages publication the data is up-to-date and correct. Site structure or pricing changes are likely during the off-season (Oct - Feb). We regret to inform you that due to the heavy volume of reservations, we cannot provide early notice of changes. If you go to our website or contact our customer support team, you'll be able to get the most up-to-date information

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TrackDays provides a wide variety of options, such as races, track days, tutorials, for racing enthusiasts and newcomers. Our suppliers here in the UK have well-established reputations in the industry, and their websites and inventory may also be subject to change

Vehicles and Venues helps customers find a range of motorsports facilities, automobiles, and locations. A replacement service will be supplied in the event of failure, poor weather, or construction. Changing locations, days, vehicles, and schedules may be essential. For around £20-£25 per driver, a damage waiver may be purchased on the day.


All session durations are estimated. You may cancel your booking, but your ticket is non-refundable after your itinerary has been accepted.

In order to safeguard the health and safety of drivers and employees, most driving experiences have physical restrictions. To meet the basic height and weight requirements, you have to be between 4'11" and 6'6" tall and weigh less than 18 stone. Participants must be at least 16 years of age. Please double-check these requirements as this may vary depending on the vehicle and the level of competency necessary. Any driver who is engaged in a driving activity or who is taking part in a vehicle track day must always have their complete driver's licence with them. The use of a motorbike during bike track days requires an unrestricted motorcycle licence. In order to be eligible to participate, you must possess the required licence. Every vehicle that participates in a vehicle track day goes through a static and/or drive-by noise test, regardless of make or model. We present as much static noise information as possible on our schedule, whenever feasible. Participation in the trackday is contingent on passing all drive-by and static noise tests on the day of the test. If the vehicle fails the tests, it will not be permitted to participate on the circuit and will not be refunded. For public track days, everyone must wear a helmet. In order to participate in a race, you must wear two-piece zip-together or whole leather protective gear. Before you are authorised to ride on the track, any further restrictions and limits will be made clear to you. It is at the discretion of the organiser whether or not you are granted a refund if you are asked to leave the track due to misbehaviour. People who participate in the venues we represent are expected to understand that our establishments have strict safety guidelines.


Inclement weather may affect your event. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to postpone an event well in advance. Driving excursions and track days may have to be postponed or rescheduled because of bad weather. Refunds will be provided only if it is possible - and the event cannot be rescheduled.


We try to keep our event calendar updated on our website as frequently as possible. In the case you cannot find the event or date you're seeking, please use the contact form. We will do all in our power to assist you. Reserve your event as early as possible. In the case that you do not follow all of the event host's conditions and limitations, your reservation will be lost. You can't make changes to your booking after you've made it.

The locations will be able to provide a suitable substitution on the day if any vehicles or equipment are unavailable due to mechanical failure.

Voucher Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise noted, the vouchers are only good for one individual. If a voucher's value has to be raised, a top-up payment may be made. It's important to bear in mind that the price of an activity will fluctuate according to the season. Remaining voucher credit will be preserved until the voucher expires. We urge that you organise your event as soon as possible as your voucher must be used by the date shown. Every coupon is valid as long as the indicated expiration date is still current, after which the coupon will expire and cannot be renewed.

Additional Details

We use Royal Mail 48® for our gift shipments, which takes three to five working days to arrive. Alternatively, we use DPD for faster deliveries. Head through to the website's news section located at the bottom of the page to see the final Christmas delivery dates.

Damage waivers are offered on the day of the event. We make it plain to our consumers that they are not compelled to purchase anything in order to participate in the event. Accident damage may be expensive, which is why it is advised that clients consider damage waivers when hiring performance cars.

VAT is included in every price unless otherwise specified. TrackDays reserves the right to amend pricing at any point. We have the right to decline a booking if we cannot fulfil it because of a pricing error on the website. We presume you have read and accepted these terms before buying an experience day or getting your own car track day over the phone with a staff member.

Calls to the booking line are recorded for staff training reasons; however, call recording is deactivated if sensitive information is provided over the phone. The inclusion of an experience range does not mean that we guarantee any of our suppliers' safety standards or great performance, even though all of our providers are well-known and have been meticulously screened. event participants will be covered by our suppliers' Public Liability Insurance. Participants are also recommended to have their own insurance cover.

For most of our track days we do not allow vehicles that are based on an open-wheel racing chassis.

TrackDays has the right to amend these terms without giving notice.


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