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Flying Experiences

Learn to Fly Aeroplanes and Helicopters or simply strap in and be taken for the Flying Experience day of a lifetime with
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  • Types
    • Aerobatic Flight(48)
    • Aeroplane Flying Lessons(89)
    • Flight Simulator(55)
    • Flying Lessons(123)
    • Gliding(30)
    • Helicopter Flying(139)
    • Helicopter Flying Lessons(18)
    • Indoor Skydiving(12)
    • Microlighting(22)
    • Parachuting(1)
    • Pleasure Flights(137)
    • Skydiving(19)
    • Spitfire Flights(22)
    • Vintage Flying(82)
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  • Regions
    • East Midlands(80)
    • East of England(64)
    • North East(50)
    • North West(89)
    • Northern Ireland(5)
    • Republic of Ireland(20)
    • Scotland(58)
    • South East(177)
    • South West(92)
    • Wales(52)
    • West Midlands(60)
    • Yorkshire and the Humber(73)
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Flying Experiences and Flying Lessons

You could be up in the clouds, as free as a bird with our Flying Experiences. We have a broad range of experiences available which allow you to just enjoy the ride or get behind the joystick yourself with a flying lesson.

You could pilot a number of aircraft on our flying experiences including planes, helicopters and microlights. We even have experiences that let you fly a Bi-Plane and feel the wind in your hair with this open cockpit experience. You will have the opportunity to fly the same aircraft that was used to train Spitfire and Hurricane pilots in World War II.

A more calming experience we offer, when you can just enjoy the view, is our Hot Air Balloon Ride experience. We will let you open a bottle of champagne in some of the experiences for a really romantic time. To add even more beauty to your day you can get up early and watch the sunrise from your balloon.

Our fantastic aerobatic experiences will let you feel up to 5Gs while you barrel roll, loop the loop and knife flight your way across the sky. Experience the same thrills as fighter pilots but you can be the one pulling off these incredible manoeuvres.

For those of you who aren’t a fan of heights, you don’t have to miss out on the flying fun, we have a number of experiences that keep you firmly on the ground while still letting you enjoy the experience of flying. Our Flight Simulator experience lets you take flight from the comfort of solid ground, meaning you can train to be a fighter pilot without the threat of being shot out of the sky.

The real adrenaline junkies among you will love our range of skydiving experiences that will let you fall through the air from 13,000ft. For those wanting the wind roaring through your hair experience without the plane ride, we also offer a range of indoor skydiving experiences.

Above you will find all of our awesome flying packages which make great gifts for anyone. You can order a 10-month gift voucher or book directly onto a date.