Rally Driving Experiences

Rally Driving Experiences

Buckle up and learn a whole new set of driving skills with a rally driving experience. Take control of rally thoroughbreds like the Subaru Impreza STi and Mitsubishi Evo X with expert instructors by your side helping you get the most out of your experience as your switch from gravel to mud and back again. Our rally days located across the UK, with venues close to London. Our full range of rally experiences can be found below.

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Take to the wheel of a Peugeot 106 on a purpose built rally course at Castle Combe and show off your driving skills. Book a date or purchase a 10 mont ...

£ 165.00

Ferrari v Subaru and Hot laps

Compare the drive of a Subaru Impreza STi and Ferrari California on the technical turns of Teesside Autodrome with ...

£ 195.00

Rally Silver

Learn and master the skills of Rally driving with this adrenalin filled half day Rally. On a purpose built Rally course you will learn how to powersli ...

£ 169.00

Rally Gold

A full day of rally driving at Silverstone Park with ...

£ 269.00

Rally Thrill

Ever dreamed of sitting in the co-drivers seat next to a professional Rally driver, this experience does exactly that on purpose built special rally s ...

£ 99.00

Solo Rally Experience

The solo Rally experience is one of the only packages in the UK in which you get the venue to yourself for one on one tuition from a former Rally driv ...

£ 289.00

Solo Rally Experience half day

The solo Rally half day experience gives you the venue to yourself for one on one tuition from a former Rally driver. ...

£ 600.00

Solo Rally Introduction

One to one Rally driving tuition using a unique circuit and fully trained driving instructors at Silverstone Park in Northamptonshire. ...

£ 189.00

Subaru Solo Rally Introduction

Take to the wheel of the Subaru Impreza for one to one tuition from a former Rally driver at Silverstone Park. ...

£ 239.00

Subaru Solo Rally experience

One to one Rally driving tuition from a qualified instructor using a unique Rally stage at Silverstone park in Northamptonshire. ...

£ 369.00

Subaru Solo Rally Half day

A half day one to one Rally driving tuition with a qualified ex rally driver at Silverstone park in Northamptonshire. ...

£ 600.00

Subaru Rally Thrill

Get behind the wheel of Subaru Impreza prepared Rally car on special rally stages at Silverstone park. ...

£ 119.00

Junior Supercar Rally

Learn the basic skills of driving in a Subaru Impreza before stepping in to the supercar of your choice ...

£ 99.00

Rally Challenge Course

Here is your chance to pit 3 rally cars against each other on a specially designd rally stage. With this ten month gift voucher you can do the event a ...

£ 350.00

The Acropolis Day

A full days rally driving with a morning session learning the basics of rally driving in the Ford Escort RS2000 and an afternoon session in the powerf ...

£ 325.00

The Full Day Course

This experience will give the drivers a full day to learn and master the rally skills in the world famous Escort RS2000 at the London Rally School. ...

£ 289.00

The Monte Carlo Half Day Course

The Monte Carlo half day rally course is the perfect way for drivers to feel the power, traction and control in two of the greatest rally cars ever th ...

£ 195.00

The Half Day Rally Course

The half day rally course is perfect for anyone looking for a few hours of fun thrasing around a muddy rally stage and we have the perfect venue for t ...

£ 179.00

Junior Rally Full Day

The Junior Rally Full daycan be purchased as a 10 month open gift voucher. ...

£ 199.00

Junior Rally Half Day

The Juior rally half day experience allows kids to leanr basic rally skills. Experience can be purchased as a 10 month open gift voucher. ...

£ 135.00

Junior Rally Solo Experience

Junior Rally Solo experience is a one too one experience giving you a true rally experience ...

£ 199.00

Supercar 5

Book a gift voucher for the best experience at Seighford Driving Centre which puts you behind the wheel for 6 laps each in all five Supercars in the f ...

£ 189.00

Rally Thrill

Drive a rally prepared Subaru Impreza for a Rally driving experience you're sure not to forget. Learn skills such as hand-brake turns, powerslides and ...

£ 79.00

Double Supercar and Rally Experience

This driving experience has you drive two supercars around a race track, then powerslide your way around a loose surface rally stage in a Subaru Impre ...

£ 279.00

Segway Rally Experience

Book a 30 minute Segway rally session at prestwold Hall in Leicestershire. Groups welcome and the segway experience can also be taken as part of a Sup ...

£ 30.00

Suzuki Swift Rally Blast

Drive a Suzuki Swift sport cup car for a rally driving blast at our Essex venue. A thrilling experience awaits with 9 miles of power sliding on the lo ...

£ 180.00

Sierra Cosworth Rally Taster

Get behind the wheel of an iconic Sierra Cosworth for a rally driving experience around the loose gravel stage in Essex. Vouchers are valid for 10 mon ...

£ 250.00

Mini Countryman Blast

The Mini Countryman rally blast in Essex is a great way to experience the thrills and spills of rally driving. Why not treat a friend or yourself to a ...

£ 200.00

Subaru Impreza Rally Blast

Drive a Subaru Impreza on a rally experience in Essex. Drive a total of 9 miles on a loose gravel rally stage with a 10-month open gift experience vou ...

£ 350.00

Subaru v Mitsubishi Driving Thrill

Experience a drive in the powerhouses of the performance car world the Subaru Impreza STi and the Mitsubishi Evo X. Renowned as some of the best rally ...

£ 55.00

One Car Rally Taster

Get a taste of what it's like to be a real rally driver with the one car rally taster. Assisted by an expert instructor, you'll learn techniques such ...

£ 49.00

Two Car Rally Taster

Find out what it's like to be a real rally driver with the one car rally taster. Assisted by an expert instructor, you'll learn techniques such as ski ...

£ 69.00

Three Car Rally Taster

Get a feel for what it's like to be a real rally driver with the one car rally taster. Assisted by an expert instructor, you'll learn techniques such ...

£ 89.00

Supercar and Rally Half Day

Drive and compare two of your favourite supercars on the same day. Not only that, but you then get the chance to jump in the hot seat of 3 fully prepa ...

£ 159.00

What is a Rally Driving Experience?

Rally Driving Experience

Buckle up and learn a whole new set of driving skills with a rally driving experience. Behind the wheel of rallying icons like the Mitsubishi Evo X and the Subaru Impreza STI or even the classic Ford Escort RS2000, you can feel like the next Colin McRae, Petter Solberg or Sebastian Loeb.

Expect to spend most of your time looking through the passenger and drivers side windows as you powerslide your way through the dust and the dirt. For something a bit different why not try our night rally driving experience which adds a whole new dimension of excitement and thrills!

With the help of our specially trained expert instructors, you will learn to tackle asphalt and gravel surfaces, along with how to handle the different styles of power delivery including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and rallying’s best friend, four-wheel drive.

For younger rally fans also offer a range of junior driving experiences giving young people the chance to test their skills on the rally stage behind the wheel of a specially prepared Ford Ka. Your youngster will learn the basics of driving and then once they’re comfortable and confident will go on to learn basic rally skills like powerslides and handbrake turns.

Why not select one of our combined experiences and learn all there is to know about driving on a track and rally driving? Start your day driving a supercar of your choice ranging from Ferraris to Aston Martins and finish off your day in style sliding around a dirt rally course.

You have the opportunity to drive some of rally's most famous cars in their natural habitat, at speed on a dirt track. With experiences on offer giving you the chance to drive rallying icons like the Suzuki Swift, Ford Escort RS2000, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Mini Countryman, Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi Evo, your rallying dreams can come true with

With our car experience rally events located across the UK including rally days in London, Silverstone and Castle Combe you are sure to find something near you. Our full range of rally driving experiences can be found below.


Our Ranking System

To help you make your decision on which experiences to buy, our star ratings are based on a combination of popularity, price and content.

1 - 3 stars

Value experiences - great for low budgets but usually less drive-time than higher priced experiences. Usually limited to airfield type venues.

3 - 4 stars

Most popular experiences which have a good balance between price, itinerary and venue. Usually more drive-time and often better standard of venue than budget experiences.

5 stars

Top end, exclusive or rarest driving experiences with the best cars, best venues and the most amount of driving.