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Driving with a Disability

We now offer Driving Experiences to people with a Disability or Visual Impairment, giving them the chance to take to the wheel of a turbocharged Supercar, driving it around a real race circuit and navigating fast open straights and tight corners and hairpins!'s selection of Adaptive Driving Experiences are available to book at a selection of UK venues through dates on our Events Calendar or through purchase of our Gift Vouchers.
Driving with a Disability
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Adaptive Driving Experiences For People With a Disability

At, we have always believed that our driving experiences should be available to as many people from all walks of life as possible. Which is why we're pleased to now give people with a disability or visual impairment the opportunity to take the wheel on our new selection of Adaptive Driving Experiences.

So if you've dreamt of driving a turbocharged set of wheels - but without the hefty price tag that accompanies them - this is your chance to do so! We are working directly with a supplier who are a leading disability organisation that have specialised - and still do - in giving people with a disability or visual impairment specifically the opportunity to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime drives like these for many years.

They are very well respected and praised by those who have gone on experiences hosted by them, with consistently positive feedback, and are passionate about giving people with a disability an experience they'll remember for years to come, so you can be assured that it's the very best we're working with.

What Cars Can People With a Disability Drive?

On offer are some of the coolest and most desirable marques of Supercars in the world that people with a disability or visual impairment can drive.

As well as the British class and motorsport engineering prowess offered by the Aston Martin DB9 and McLaren 650s respectively, there's also the raging bull of the supercar world in the Lamborghini Gallardo, the majestic Ferrari California, and the forward thinking technology of the Nissan GTR and Audi R8 V10 Plus amongst many others.

The cars have been made as accessible as possible, hence why all models have semi-automatic gearboxes, as these are very accommodating to people with restricted arm and leg movement, and also to those with a visual or hearing impairment, for example, people who are blind, deaf or hard of hearing.

The cars can also be fitted with a Universal removable hand control and a steering wheel ball. But if you feel more comfortable using the traditional foot petals, you can use those instead.

With these experiences, you can drive as many as five supercars for up to 3 miles - or you can choose to Double the Distance to 6 miles in each car for an additional fee at the checkout.

Where Can People With a Disability Drive a Supercar?

Currently, there's a total of three venues across the UK which Adaptive Supercar Experiences for people with a disability are hosted at: Abingdon Airfield and Bicester Heritage Centre in Oxfordshire, and Tockwith Driving Centre in Yorkshire - some of the ideal venues from which to experience the power and speed these supercars can run at!

You will be in the cars with professional instructors, who are very adaptable and sensitive to your needs, and are there to help you get the most enjoyment out of the day, to allow you to be as hands on as possible and drive at the speed you feel most comfortable at.

And best of all, because these are run in a different way to how, say, our other Driving Experiences are, usually only two cars at a time will be out on track, with ample space between both, so you can really enjoy the experience in a relaxed and safe environment.

The venues these experiences are hosted at also have Disabled facilities on site, including Disabled Toilets and Parking, as well as refreshments from on-site restaurants or cafes offering hot and cold food and drinks.

We also have Junior Adaptive Driving Experiences available for kids and teens with a disability or visual impairment, which you can find over on our dedicated Junior Driving With a Disability page.

Are Adaptive Driving Experiences Really for People With a Disability?

The short answer: yes! The main aim of these Adaptive Driving Experiences is to make it as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, so disabled people can have the confidence that they can enjoy the same activities and experiences out on track as those without a disability or visual impairment.

We understand that no one disability or impairment is the same, and that you'll have different needs and requirements. That's why, when you come to redeem your voucher for your Adaptive Driving Experience with us, a dedicated representative on our Customer Service team will get in touch with you to take a short questionnaire with you.

This is just to help us get some basic information about your disability, which we can send over along with the booking request to the supplier, so that the experience can be as tailored closely to your needs as possible. Rest assured, this information will only be disclosed to them.

We're in regular contact with the supplier all the time too, so if there's any query you have regarding the experience or the suitability of the experience that can't be answered immediately, we will be more than happy to get in touch with the supplier to find out for you.

How Do I Book an Adaptive Driving Experience?

We've made the booking process really simple for our Adaptive Driving Experiences as well. You can buy one of our open Gift Vouchers which can be redeemed and used within 10 months of purchase towards any of the experiences that you see listed above.

You can also upgrade the validity of the voucher to 14 months for an additional set fee at the checkout. Or we also have dated vouchers available to book on our Driving With a Disability Calendar, where you can request to book onto a given date for your chosen experience.

Also great as a unique gift idea for any special occasion, our Adaptive Driving Experiences are sure to give you a fun and memorable time that really is life changing!


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