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18th Birthday Gifts

An 18th Birthday is one of the biggest coming of age milestones and more often than not comes with a special party or gift to remember. At, we specialise in unique gifts that make ideal one-off gifts for a special occasion such as an 18th Birthday.

Supercar Driving Experiences Supercar Driving From £19.00
Drifting Experiences Drifting From £59.00
Quad Biking Experiences Quad Biking From £0
Stunt Driver Training Stunt Driver Training From £59.00
Football Gifts and Stadium Tours Football and Stadium Tours From £32.00
Indoor Skydiving Indoor Skydiving From £29.99
Karting Experiences Karting From £99.00
Zombie Experiences Zombie From £9.00
Tank Driving Experiences Tank Driving From £94.00
Skiing and Snowboarding Skiing and Snowboarding From £64.00

18th Birthday Experiences and Ideas

You may celebrate your loved one becoming an adult by showering them with presents that symbolise their coming of age. These personalised experiences are handpicked so that the occasion will be genuinely unforgettable.

Looking for the ideal birthday present for someone turning 18? Whether you want to go Skydiving or drive a Ferrari, there are hundreds of options to celebrate the occasion - anything from once-in-a-lifetime skydives and supercar drives to luxury Spa Days and Adventure Outings. Everyone's interests are different, which is why our 18th Birthday Gift Guide provides a wide choice of gift ideas.

Whether they're a thrill-seeker, relaxing guru, aspiring chef, or, brace yourself, a beer aficionado. Personalising gifts can be difficult - instead of trying to pick out a present for their 18th birthday, choose a Gift Card and let them select their own ideal gift. Have a look at our selection of personalised presents.

Driving Experiences

Are they an up-and-coming Formula 1 driver? Regardless of whether they've completed their driving test or not, there are many thrilling pursuits available that don’t require a license! People who are passionate about high-performance vehicles have the opportunity to drive their dream automobile in a supercar session. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston Martin are only at their best if you send them around the circuit full-throttle.

For something seriously unique - consider Tank Driving as a gift. There are few occasions that compare to the sensation of manoeuvring an enormous war machine while sitting below deck. It is an incredible joy to plough across uneven terrain, rocky roads, and low water. Not much prevents these all-terrain vehicles from travelling anywhere they choose. You can even go one step further with some monster truck car crushing experiences!

Risk-takers and daredevils alike may benefit from an adventure experience, which provides a constant supply of adrenaline. Makes the transition to adulthood by doing some once-in-a-lifetime Skydiving! Once you've experienced the exhilaration of jumping out of an aeroplane and freefalling back to the ground, you'll understand what we mean when we say it's unlike any other activity.

Or, you may give them a session on the water in preparation for the warmer months. Whether they are touring along the coast in a kayak or participating in a surf trip with jet skis, everyone will have a great time.

Even More 18th Birthday Ideas & Gifts

An 18th birthday is one of life’s biggest milestones, so make sure to celebrate it in style with We’ve got thrills to dazzle and delight, that will transform any birthday celebration into a truly magical time. Don’t delay, make someone’s 18th birthday unforgettable by surprising them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fast Cars

Our fantastic fleet of supercars is just waiting to be enjoyed at circuits across the UK.

Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins and McLarens, plus many others, are on the starting grid, engines purring, ready to be unleashed by the birthday girl or boy.

Give them the keys and let them mark the occasion behind the wheel of a performance vehicle.

Tanks, Quads And More

For a birthday driving experience that is off the beaten track (literally) then try commanding a tank or getting muddy on a quad bike.

It’s true, we really do have tanks to drive, including the mighty Chieftain Battle Tank. While not as fast as our supercars, they are just as much fun and will test your driving skills to the limit.

Meanwhile, quad biking is ideal for adrenalin junkies and makes a great group birthday experience. Can you have more off-road fun than on a quad as you tackle increasingly complex courses? We don’t think so.

Sky High

You don’t need to jump out of an airplane to experience the thrill of skydiving.

With indoor skydiving the excitement is just as real and a great way to spend a birthday, especially for those with a fear of heights but who want the exhilaration of a freefall experience.

Shift to Drift

Drifting is one of our fastest growing driving experiences. No surprise really as drivers learn extreme skills while burning rubber and going sideways most of the time.

Drift cars available to enjoy include the Nissan 200SX and Lexus IS200. Great cars for a great birthday treat.

Single-Seater Driving Experiences

Nothing compares to racing in a single seater. If you've always desired to drive an F1 racing car, our models, such as the Formula F1000 and Formula Renault, are the closest you'll get to experiencing the power and speed of one, all while being closely supervised by your coach. F1 enthusiasts can get fantastic presents from Driving Experience, which are available at circuits around the nation.

Racing Car Driving Experiences

The racing vehicle is the only competitive step up from a supercar, and they were built to travel around a track as rapidly as possible. Try the track styled Ferrari 458; Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo; McLaren MP4 12C GT3; and Radical SR5.

Off-Road Adventures

We have some off-road adventures with some truly nasty terrain - are 4x4s like the Land Rover Defender up to the task? Of course they are!

Learn new skills in settings you'd never come across in the real world. If big SUVs aren't your thing, try driving a rally-ready Subaru around a dirt track with one-on-one training.

Much, Much More

As well as track action and indoor skydiving, we’ve still got plenty of other fantastic 18th birthday adventure experiences.

Prepare for the end of the world with our zombie apocalypse training, enjoy a stadium tour of your favourite football team’s ground or take to the slopes (well, inside a snow dome) with a skiing or snowboarding experience.

As you can see, has everything for a memorable 18th birthday bash.

Booking an 18th Birthday Experience

These activities don't need any wrapping, and scheduling one is simple. Simply choose the appropriate package and reserve it for a certain date, or choose a voucher for complete flexibility. Or just load some money onto one of our gift cards and give that as a present - even more options!

If you're purchasing an open gift coupon for an experience package, double-check the validity period since certain vouchers and special offers may have a shorter or longer duration. On the voucher, the validity time will be clearly specified.

Please note that if you book straight into a date you are making a booking request, and the day and time you choose are still subject to availability.

We normally confirm reservations within 48 hours, but it's critical that you wait until you get a final confirmation email before making any arrangements related to your request. When you make a booking request, you will get an instantaneous receipt. This is not the confirmation.

Another key factor to consider before purchasing any Experiences is that the participant satisfies all age, weight, height, and, in certain circumstances, driving licence criteria. Each event will have its own set of criteria, so be sure you've gone over all of the crucial details.

If an experience is solely for young drivers, we will normally specify it in the package name, although this is not always the case. If you reserve an Experience but the participant does not match the qualifications, it is unlikely that they will be allowed to participate.

Remember, whether it's an 18th or 60th birthday, TrackDays offers some fantastic gift options!

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