Bicester Heritage Centre Driving Experiences

Bicester Heritage Centre Driving Experiences
Bicester Heritage Centre set on the site of the famous 1920s RAF Bomber Station just a few miles from the M40 at Bicester, Oxfordshire. With the experiences at Goodwood coming to an end, Bicester is the only place in the UK where you can take part in a Classic Car Experience at a nostalgic venue. Using the original buildings most of the site has been restored to a high standard by Bicester Heritage. As well as being used as the back drop to the film 'The Limitation Game', it is now home to the restoration, storage and enjoyment of vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes. Bicester Heritage is also a regular meeting place for many classic and vintage car clubs. If taking part in one of the classic car driving experiences you will have the opportunity to explore the site, which is not usually accessible to the public. The track is marked out on the runway and taxiways and is roughly 1.3 miles long for the classic car driving. Other experiences may vary.

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Triple Classic Car Thrill

Drive three Classic Cars from a choice of 4 on a track driving session at the nostalgic Bicester Heritage venue in Oxfordshire. An amazing setting to ...

£299.00   £ 199.00

Ultimate Classic Car Thrill

Drive five classic cars for 6 miles in each at the Heyford Park venue in Oxfordshire. This experience is ideal as a retirement gift or for anyone who ...

£399.00   £ 299.00

Classic Car Double Thrill

Trackdays offers you the chance to drive two classic British cars, one being the Austin Healy 3000 and the other is the world-renowned Jaguar E Type. ...

£189.00   £ 119.00

Double Classic Car Thrill

Take two Classic Cars from a choice of five on a track driving session at the nostalgic Bicester Heritage venue in Oxfordshire. A double classic car d ...

£199.00   £ 129.00

Best of British Classic Car Thrill

Drive 2 iconic British Supercars, the Aston Martin DB9 and the classic Jaguar E Type high speed around the specially laid out Circuit at Heyford Park. ...

£189.00   £ 129.00

Classic Best of British

Drive two classic British supercars and compare them off against each other. The Aston Martin Vantage and the Jaguar E Type are regarded as two of the ...

£189.00   £ 139.00

Bicester Heritage Thrill

Pick your favourite from a fleet of five Classic Cars and take it for a track driving session at the nostalgic Bicester Heritage venue in Oxfordshire ...

£109.00   £ 79.00

Classic Mini Thrill

The Mini is one of probably the most iconic compact car of all time, forever immortalised by being the car of choice in the Italian Job. Drive this po ...

£99.00   £ 69.00

Classic Aston Martin Vantage Thrill

Drive the classic Aston Martin Vantage at the Heyford Park venue in Oxfordshire. Built in the 1970s the Aston still offers a fun driving experience no ...

£99.00   £ 69.00

Austin Healey 3000 Thrill

The Austin Healey 300 is an iconic British sports car and with yours to drive for four laps on the Heyford Park circuit. Purchase as a ...

£99.00   £ 79.00

Ford Mustang GT500 Thrill

Slide into the driver's seat of the iconic American muscle car. The Ford Mustang GT500. You no longer need to dream about driving this amazing machine ...

£99.00   £ 79.00

Jaguar E Type Thrill

Drive in style. Take the Jaguar E-Type type for a spin - as it was designed to be driven. ...

£99.00   £ 89.00

30 Minute Young Driver Experience

A 30-minute driving lesson for juniors aged between 10-17. The Young Driver Experience gives kids a taste of real-world driving, available at 60 locat ...

£ 37.00

Double Classic Car Blast

Drive two classic cars at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire for 3 miles in each. Choose from some of the most loved British and American classic cars such a ...

£ 89.00

60 Minute Young Driver Experience

A 60-minute driving lesson for juniors aged between 10-17. The Young Driver Experience gives kids a taste of real-world driving, available at 60 locat ...

£ 70.00

Driving Experiences at Bicester Heritage Centre

For a truly classic driving experience, make tracks for Bicester Heritage located just off the M40 in the south Midlands.

The former RAF Bomber Station, located to the north of Bicester and also within easy driving distance of London some 60 miles away, is a classic car enthusiasts’ delight and plays host to one of the widest selections of classic car driving experiences in the UK. is also particularly proud to ensure the selection of classics on offer are among the best that American and British car makers produced all those decades ago.

These cars from the golden era of motoring continue to stir motoring passions and, more often than not, provide even more driving pleasure than their modern supercar counterparts with drivers relying on their own skill and judgement without the assistance of driving aids and technology.

From America is the truly iconic Mustang GT 500, a great representation of classic muscle car madness! Your driving skills will be put to the limit as you enjoy six miles of motoring pleasure.

Hopping back to Britain and some of the UK’s most loved marques await you at Bicester Heritage as nostalgia reigns supreme. Whether it’s a single car experience or a multi car driving package, is certain to have the classic for you.

Single car experiences let you enjoy one of the most beautiful cars ever made, the stunning Jaguar E Type, or you can get behind the wheel of one of the best loved classic British sports cars, the instantly recognisable Austin Healey 3000.

However, there’s no need to fret if one classic just isn’t enough. From a Classic Car Double Blast to a Bicester Heritage Thrill with five classics at your disposal, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which ageless automobile to drive.

Among the classic roll of honour with are the Aston Martin Vantage and a 1970’s Mini – and you could be driving both.

Our classic car experiences at Bicester Heritage give you the opportunity to turn back the clock in the safety of a fully prepared car at a purpose-built facility, together with an instructor present. You can book an experience with as a 10-month open gift voucher or book directly on to an available date.


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