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Drifting Experiences

Get ready to get sideways with a drifting experience. Not all cars were built to go in straight line, that's something you'll come to terms with when you learn to drift with on one of our hugely popular drifting experiences. Take control of some of the best drift cars like the Nissan 200SX and learn how to burn rubber. Get started with an introduction to drift or take part in a learn to drift half day. Browse our full range of drift experiences at a number of UK locations below.

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Top Drifting Driving Experiences Near Me

Learn to Drift Half Day Drifting Experience with 3 Passenger Laps

Learn to drift a real drifting car on this awesome half day experience. Learn the basics in a Lexus IS200 drift car before putting your newly learnt s ...
£199.00   £ 79.00

Learn to Drift Half Day Drifting Experience with 6 Passenger Laps

Learn to drift a real drift car on this awesome half day experience. Learn the basics in a Lexus IS200 drift car before putting your newly learnt skil ...
£265.00   £ 89.00

Learn to Drift 1 Hour Drifting Experience

Learn to drift in a tuned drifting car on this introductory 1-hour experience. Get to grips with the basics in a Lexus IS200/Nissan 200SX drift car le ...
£129.00   £ 49.00

Drift Thrill Experience

Book a Drift Thrill Experience in a Nissan 350Z at your choice of UK venue and learn techniques like counter steering and throttle balance with Trackd ...
£ 69.00

Nissan 350Z Silver Drifting Experience

Get sideways and learn to drift with the Nissan 350Z Silver drifting experience. Enjoy 20 laps of sideways action with this drifting experience gift v ...
£158.00   £ 148.00

Nissan 350Z Bronze Drifting Experience

Learn the art of drifting with the Nissan 350Z Bronze drifting taster driving experience. Enjoy some sideways action with a drifting experience vouche ...
£128.00   £ 74.00

Mazda MX-5 Bronze Drifting Experience

Take to the tarmac and learn the essential drifting skills with the bronze drifting experience available in Hertfordshire. Buy a voucher today with Tr ...
£98.00   £ 59.00

Nissan 350Z Gold Drifting Experience

Get to grips with the art of drifting with the Nissan 350Z Gold drifting experience. Enjoy 40 laps of sideways action with this drifting experience gi ...
£298.00   £ 288.00

Mazda MX-5 Silver Drifting Experience

The Mazda MX5 Silver Drifting Experience is perfect for novices to learn basic drifting skills. By a voucher or book onto a date today with Trackdays. ...
£128.00   £ 118.00

Mazda MX5 Gold Drifting Experience

The Mazda MX5 Gold Drifting Experience gives you 4 sighting laps, a demonstration lap and 40 laps of 1:1 tuition in a drift prepared MX5. Book today w ...
£238.00   £ 228.00

Stunt Drive

Learn 180-degree spins and high-speed J-turns with this epic stunt drive experience at our venue in Hertfordshire. Book this gift idea today with Trac ...
£98.00   £ 64.00

Exclusive 3 Hour 1-2-1 Learn to Drift Experience

Learn to drift like a true pro with this exclusive 1-2-1 3 hour drifting experience. Enjoy some sideways action with plenty of tyre smoke and fun to b ...
£295.00   £ 275.00

Stunt Pro

Book a Stunt Pro Driving Experience. Learn pro stunt driving at our Hertfordshire venue, including handbrake turns and high-speed J-turns with Trackda ...
£128.00   £ 118.00

Westfield Drift 150

A 2.5-hour drifting experience in a Westfield Sport 1600 track day car at Three Sisters in Wigan from ...
£ 150.00

Westfield Drift 300

Learn the art of car control around an autotest style course on this 5 hour Westfield drifting experience at Three Sisters in Wigan with ...
£ 290.00

Drift Car Passenger Ride Experience

Hold on tight as you experience the drifting car passenger ride around the twists and turns of our venue in Hertfordshire. Ideal gift for any car enth ...
£ 39.00

Silverstone Caterham Drift

Take on the Silverstone Drift Course in a Caterham under the wing of a professional instructor. ...
£ 129.00

Drift Blast Experience

Get behind the wheel of a drift spec Nissan 350Z at your choice of UK venue and learn Drifting techniques. Dates and gift vouchers available at Trackd ...
£ 49.00
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What is a Drifting Driving Experience?

Ready to learn to drift in a specialised drift car? You'll be taught the basics such as power slides, drift control and drift braking techniques. A high revving, tyre burning drift experience is one of the most exciting driving experiences out there.

Drifting is the art of driving at high speeds with the rear tyres of the vehicle sliding, whilst retaining control. On our drift experiences, we use a number of specially prepared drifting cars such as the Lexus IS2000, Skyline & 350Z, BMW M3, Caterham, Mazda Westfields and Porsche Caymans. These drift schools and events run at drift tracks across the country. Including Brands Hatch (Kent), Bovingdon Airfield (Hertfordshire), Donington Park (Leicestershire), Rockingham (Corby) and Birmingham Wheels Raceway. With Birmingham Wheels Raceway also hosting drift championships, amongst other activities.

Our action-packed drifting experience days are designed to teach you the basics and help develop your skills until you are a fully-fledged drifter! Drifting is becoming one of the most popular racing driving days in the UK, with more and more people wanting to learn how to drift. You can get involved in some sideways action with a gift voucher from the range of packages below. 

As well as experiences and drifting lessons, Trackdays also offer drifting passenger rides. Perfect for juniors or attendees who aren’t confident behind the wheel.

All of our open gift vouchers make great unique gifts for loved ones, or an exciting treat for yourself. They're also perfect for corporate team-building days. If you know when and where you want to learn to drift, browse and select one of our available dates.

Learn How to Drift a Car

Whether you're a complete novice or you fancy yourself as the next Ken Block, we have a range of car drifting experiences to suit everyone's needs. So if you need an introduction to drifting, we've got you covered. If you're looking for something a bit more advanced, our exclusive 1-2-1 drifting course is right for you! With a range of specially modified drifting thoroughbreds ready and waiting, plus expert drifting tuition, we'll have you going sideways quicker than you can say tyre squeal!

One question we get a lot is 'can I learn to drift a car without a driving licence?' And whilst the short answer is yes. We do advise customers that you'll need to know how to drive and competently operate a manual car. This is to ensure attendee’s get the most out of their time out on the tarmac.

If you're looking for more information on the do's and don'ts of drifting, with advice from experts such as Scott Mansell, you can learn to drift a car with our illustrated tutorial. We cover the basics of drifting as well as how to star, maintain, transition and exit a drift.

You can book directly onto available drift day dates, or you can purchase an open gift voucher. Our drifting vouchers make the perfect Christmas gift, or birthday present. We have dates available all year round and at many locations across the country.

What is the Purpose of Drifting?

The average driver would no doubt begin to panic if their car started to slide sideways, But with drifting, this is the main objective. By learning to drift in a controlled environment, drivers are actually gaining valuable transferable skills that can be used in the real world should they inadvertently lose control of their car.

The quality of the drifting, for both professionals and amateurs, is judged on angles, speed, style and how well a line is maintained when powering through a corner sideways. The best cars for drifting are rear-wheel drive, manual cars with a handbrake. They don't need to be the most powerful cars in a fleet - with the 200SX being a firm favourite - but you could get a Ferrari to drift if you really wanted to.

From experienced professionals to hobbyists, to those who just want to give it a go, all manner of people are enjoying this unique way of driving. The driving style of drifting originated in the 1970s in Japan and since then, has spread worldwide, with drifting as a form of motorsport, and competitive drifting competitions becoming increasingly popular.

Terms and Conditions

Complete terms and conditions available here:

Event Descriptions and any other materials are up to date at the time of posting. During the offseason, you may notice different content, format, or pricing (Oct - Feb). Our reservations volume will prevent our clients from being directly informed of any changes. For the latest information, please visit our website or contact our customer support staff.

Images on our Website

TrackDays displays samples of various providers and venues - goods, activities, and track days. We work closely with the top experience providers in the UK and sometimes they will need to make updates to their venue and vehicle lineup - therefore the specs provided on the website may change from what is listed. They will always try to keep the experience as close as possible to what is advertised.

Vehicles and Locations

There are several facilities, cars, and places to make use of at A substitute will be offered if a service is temporarily unavailable due to a failure, weather, or construction activities. It should be kept in mind that, sometimes a change of location, day, vehicle, and schedule are required. A damage waiver may be purchased for around £20-£25 per driver. In the majority of cases, these waivers are entirely voluntary and must be accepted on the day of the event.

Durations and Sessions

An estimated duration is provided for all event and session lengths. If an event needs to be altered, you will be told as soon as feasible. Once your itinerary is confirmed, your ticket is nonrefundable.


There are specific requirements in place for most driving experiences in order to protect staff and drivers health and safety. You should be between 4'11" and 6'6" and weigh less than 18 stone to participate. To ride as a passenger, you must be at least 16 years old. Please be sure to double-check to avoid errors, since it differs depending on the supplier and type of experience. Participants in any driving activity or vehicle track day must carry their original and valid driver's licence at all times. For all bike track days, a fully unrestricted motorbike licence is necessary. In order to be able to participate, you must have the correct licence. While participating in a car track day, all vehicles go through a static and/or drive-by noise test. We show the static noise limitation on our schedules where possible. A vehicle that fails the drive-by or static noise testing on the day of the test will not be able to participate and will not be issued a refund. Helmets are required for public track days. Most of the exhibits are available on-demand, though reservations are recommended. To participate in a race, you must utilise two-piece zip-together or full leather protection. You will be instructed on any extra regulations and limits before you ride. If you are asked to leave the track as a result of misconduct you will not be eligible for a refund.


Weather conditions may influence your event. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to reschedule before the event. In extreme cases, track day activities and driving experiences are usually cancelled and rescheduled. If it is raining or otherwise inclement weather, you have a contractual responsibility to the event location or event provider. Refunds will be issued only if it is possible to do so.

Making a Reservation

We keep our event calendar as up to date as possible on our website. Please use the contact form if you are unable to discover the event or date you are looking for. We will try our best to assist you. During potential busy times like weekends and summer months, it is beneficial to reserve your desired event, location, and date as early as feasible. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated by the event host will result in forfeiture of your reservation. When you've reserved a place, you can't modify the reservation.

Confirmation of your booking should contain the day and hour of your event (this does not include the automatic purchase email you receive that confirms what you have just ordered). You should get a final confirmation 48 hours after completing the transaction. If any vehicles or equipment are unavailable due to mechanical failure - venues will offer a sufficient alternative on the day.

Voucher Conditions

Holders of Gift Vouchers may use the purchase value of a Gift Voucher that is still valid as part or full payment for any goods on the site. Unless otherwise noted, vouchers are only good for one person. If required, a top-up payment may be made to raise the value of a voucher so that it may be used to schedule a more expensive event. Please keep in mind that the price of an activity may fluctuate seasonally. If the cost of the event is less than the value of the voucher, the leftover credit will be maintained until the expiration date of the voucher. We encourage making your reservation as soon as possible, since your experience must be completed before the expiration date indicated on the front of your Voucher. All coupons are valid for usage until the expiration date shown on the voucher, after which time they will automatically expire and cannot be reactivated under any circumstances. A voucher holder may schedule a date that is not on the voucher's expiration date, but they must pay an administrative charge to extend the voucher's expiration date. This must be completed before the expiration date.

When you've decided on an experience, we suggest redeeming your ticket at least 21 days before you plan to participate. Even though the date is shown, we cannot guarantee availability for all events; thus, if a selected event is full or you cannot find a suitable day throughout the validity term of your voucher, the credit may be used to another event. In such cases, shall not be held accountable for any charges incurred.

Additional Terms & Conditions

Our gift sets are sent by Royal Mail 48 ®, which takes 3 to 5 working days, or by DPD for Next Working Day Delivery. To see the final dates for Christmas delivery, go to the website's news section at the bottom of the page.

If you have a new personalised loyalty discount code, it is only good for the attendee named on the voucher card and cannot be used to book anybody else for an event. This covers additional drivers as well as passengers. The coupon may be used on our website to book any UK track day, subject to availability. Once the first track day appointment is made, this certificate is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Waiver Fees - some providers may charge an extra cost for damage waivers paid on the day. We inform our consumers that purchase is not required to participate in the event. The safety briefing will cover all of this.

Unless otherwise noted, all rates include VAT and are current at the time of admission. We have the right to adjust any product's pricing at any time. We retain the right to decline a booking if we are unable to fulfil it due to a pricing inaccuracy on the website. We presume you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions if you purchase an experience day or own car track day over the phone with a staff member.

Calls to the booking line are recorded for staff training reasons; however, call recording is suspended if sensitive information is provided over the phone. All of our providers are well-known in the industry and have been carefully selected; nonetheless, the inclusion of an experience range does not imply that we guarantee any of our suppliers' safety standards or excellent performance.

All participants at events will be covered by our suppliers' Public Liability Insurance. Other insurance, such as ‘Own Vehicle and Personal Accident Cover,' may be found by clicking on the Insurance link.

On typical public track days, we do not allow open wheel automobiles. retains the right to modify these conditions at any time and without prior notice to clients.


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