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Tank Driving Experiences

Experience the unique thrill of being a tank commander at venues across the UK with a Tank Driving experience. Forget World of Tanks, you can take command of 50 tons of armoured steel, tracks and guns and live out your childhood fantasies. Power your way across varied terrains, taking target practice or even taking part in a tank battle for the ultimate thrill. The Russian Gvozdika, 432 APC (armoured personnel carrier), Lance Missile Carrier, SuperCat Mini Tanks, the formidable Chieftain Battle Tank and many others wait to be commanded by you. The tanks have been prepared and are awaiting their crew, so get those combats on and strap yourself in for an unforgettable experience at UK wide venues with TrackDays.

Tank Driving Experiences
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Top Tanks Driving Experiences Near Me

Tank Paintball Battle

Experience the thrill of driving army tanks around a circuit set on a WWII bombing range while firing 40mm paintballs from the tanks modified cannon. ...
£ 150.00

Full Monty Military Driving Experience

A full day out shooting rifles, driving tanks and crushing cars on the Military Driving Experience in Northamptonshire with ...
£ 399.00

Tank Driving Taster

Find out what its like to drive a FV432 tank around an ex World War II bombing range in Leicestershire on this awesome Tank driving taster experience ...
£ 90.00

Adult and Child Tank Driving Experience

An experience for an adult and child to enjoy together. Experience Military vehicle driving and target shooting with the main armament of a tank. ...
£ 180.00

Tank Driving Experience

Take control of the FV432 tank for 3 laps of an old WWII bombing range in Leicestershire. End your experience with free entry to the onsite military c ...
£ 170.00

Tank Driving Taster and Museum Passes

This is your chance to turn dreams into reality as you take a real tank out for a spin with this awesome tank driving experience in Leicestershire fro ...
£ 106.00

Half Day Tank Driving

Experience driving 3 Military vehicles on a purpose built course in Northamptonshire. Vehicles such as the Russian Gvozdika Tank. ...
£ 299.00

Military Vehicle Driving Experience

Choose two vehicles from a range of five Military vehicles to take control over a rough terrain course in Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire. ...
£ 180.00

What is a Tank Driving Experience?

There is no feeling like that of being behind the controls of a 50 ton armoured tank, knowing that whatever comes in front of you will be squashed like a bug hitting a windscreen. These incredible machines are built for war and are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

TrackDays now offers you the opportunity to take control of these monstrous behemoths and experience the power, strength and thrill these machines can provide. We have a variety of tanks available across the country. You could drive the mighty Chieftain main battle tank weighing in at 55 tons of armoured steel.

This formidable tank will go anywhere it wants to and we will let you crush an ordinary family saloon in this incredible war machine. Alternatively, you could get behind the wheel of a Humvee, America’s answer to the humble Land Rover, or a Lance Missile Carrier.

Tank driving experiences let you power your way across varied terrain, taking target practice or even taking part in a tank battle for the ultimate tank driving thrill, where you will be required to take down targets with 40mm paintballs. What can be more fun than that?

You will be joined by an experienced instructor on all our tank driving experiences, who will help you get to grips with your vehicle of choice, ensuring you have the most amount of fun possible while remaining safe.

Contrary to popular belief it is actually quite easy to drive a tank – some might even find it easier than driving a car! There aren't many controls required, just some foot and hand pedals are all you really need to manoeuvre these large metal war machines.

Once you are confident behind the controls you will get the chance to experience driving by periscope as the hatch is closed and you are encased in your 20cm thick armoured shell. While being the most challenging way to drive, this is also as close as you can get to being in a real battle.

How Do You Drive a Tank?

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually quite easy to drive a tank. Probably the most daunting part is having the hath closed and being enclosed in a full metal jacket. If you can get past the sense of being closed in, it is fairly straightforward. There aren't many controls required - just some foot and hand pedals are all you really need to manoeuvre these large metal war machines.

Our tank experiences will see you navigate through rough terrain and varying obstacles that you will have no problem going around or even over. If you want the feeling of simulated war we have the tank paintballing experiencing where you will be required to take down targets with 40mm paintballs, what can be more fun than that?

Which Type of Tanks Can I Drive?

There are a few different types of tanks and military vehicles that can be driven, but the biggest and best is unquestionably the FV4201, most commonly known as the Chieftain. This famous tank was a staple in the ranks of the British Army before it was retired in 1995.

Weighing a staggering 55 tons the Chieftain is a full-blown battle tank. It has an L11A5 120mm rifle that is mounted on the 360 degree rotating turret and two machine guns in case the main armament wasn't enough. There is also the FV432, the Russian Gvozdika tank and a host of other military vehicles available to enjoy.

How to Book a Tank Driving Experience Day

Whether it’s to surprise a parent or grandparent with a keen interest in military history, or a younger relative - son, daughter, niece or nephew - who’s tank mad, or even just to book yourself an unusual treat, our open gift vouchers can be used towards any of our Tank Driving days we have available here on TrackDays.

Typically they’re valid to be redeemed and used within 10 months, so not only do you have flexibility for when and where you want to go, but you’ve also got a perfect and unusual present to mark any special occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or even retirement.

Don’t forget you can also use our Events calendars, which provide you with the most up to the minute availability for all our experiences as we’re in constant communication with our suppliers at the venues who we source our date information from, and you can book directly onto any future date of your choice from these.

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Restrictions on cars and equipment vary for each supplier. For the most part, participants are restricted from 4'11" to 6'6" and under 18 stone in weight. To be a passenger you must be at least 16 years old. This will vary per provider and participant experience, so please verify before booking. Participants in any driving activity or vehicle track day will need to provide their original and valid driver's licence unless attending a non-driving adventure. All Bike track days need a full, unrestricted licence. You will not be entitled to a refund if you do not hold the correct licence. All cars on a track day go through a static and/or drive-by noise test. We post the ‘static' noise restriction on most of our track days on our calendar. No refunds may be granted if your vehicle fails the static or drive-by noise restriction on the day of testing. At a public track day, participants must bring their own helmets. Most are available on-demand, though reservations are recommended. A minimum of two-piece zip together riding leathers must be worn for all racing days. Leathers should be worn. You will also get further rules and regulations at the briefing before riding. No refund or compensation will be provided to customers who are asked to leave the track.


The weather may affect your event. Prior to the event taking place, you will be allowed to re-book, but not always. In extreme weather, most trackday activities and driving experiences will be cancelled. When it comes to inclement weather, you are contractually committed to the event provider/venue. Only credit for another event with the same organiser will be issued, and no refund. If we can provide a refund, we will.

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