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Ariel Atom Driving Experiences

Go from 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds with an Ariel Atom driving experience. The astonishingly fast Ariel Atom offers speed demons an entirely unique driving experience. The Atom is as quick a Bugatti off the mark and can corner like an F1 car with a superlight exoskeleton chassis holding it all together. The Ariel Atom is available to drive at circuits and venues up and down the UK. See the full range of Ariel Atom driving experiences below.

Ariel Atom Driving Experiences
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124 Ariel products

Top Ariel Driving Experiences Near Me

Ariel Atom Blast Experience from
SAVE 55%
Age 17+

Ariel Atom Blast

Get behind the wheel of the Ariel Atom and experience a driving session in one of the fastest cars on the Trackdays roster. ...
£99.00   £ 45.00
Ariel Atom Thrill Experience from

Ariel Atom Thrill

Book an Ariel Atom Thrill driving experience from Trackdays. Experience a drive in the Superfast Ariel Atom at one of eight UK venues. ...
£ 79.00
Five Supercar Blast Experience from

Five Supercar Blast

Pick 5 from our fleet or supercars before getting in the hot seat and experiencing 15 adrenaline pumping miles in around a venue of your choice, with ...
£ 129.00
Ariel Atom 300 14 Lap Driving Experience Experience from
SAVE 50%

Ariel Atom 300 14 Lap Driving Experience

Hit the tarmac for a driving experience in a supercharged 300bhp ariel atom at the Hertfordshire venue. This experience is great for mortospors fanati ...
£118.00   £ 59.00
Five Supercar Blast Experience from
SAVE 41%

Five Supercar Blast

The Five Supercar Blast gets you behind the wheel of no less than five performance vehicles! Pick from a fleet featuring models from Ferrari, Lamborgh ...
£270.00   £ 159.00
Ariel Atom Arrive and Drive Experience from

Ariel Atom Arrive and Drive

An arrive and drive track day in an Ariel Atom. Runs on a track day and includes tuition, fuel, mechanical support and hospitality. Available at Bedfo ...
£ 750.00
Ariel Atom Experience from

Ariel Atom

Experience the speed of 0 - 60 in just 2.7 seconds while driving the Ariel Atom. Drive 4 laps of Blyton Park in the Ariel Atom as tested by Jeremy Cla ...
£ 125.00
Ariel Atom Experience from

Ariel Atom

Take the wheel of the Ariel Atom for 3 laps at the Castle Combe race circuit in Wiltshire. You will be amazed by the acceleration as you speed off the ...
£ 125.00
Ariel Atom Experience from

Ariel Atom

Drive the super charged Ariel Atom at Elvington in North Yorkshire, purchase gift vouchers or book a date online today with ...
£ 125.00
Ultimate Top Gear Track Day Challenge Experience from
SAVE 30%
Age 17+

Ultimate Top Gear Track Day Challenge

Book the ultimate driving experience for fans of the motoring TV show Top Gear, at the site of their test track in Dunsfold Park, Surrey, with TrackDa ...
£999.00   £ 699.00
Six Supercar Thrill Experience from
SAVE 40%

Six Supercar Thrill

Get on track at a location of your choice in 6 supercars, for up to 6 miles in each. Choose from a stacked fleet that includes Ferraris, Lamborghinis ...
£349.00   £ 209.00
Four Supercar Thrill Experience from
SAVE 41%

Four Supercar Thrill

Drive 4 of the world's most iconic supercars including Ferrari and Porche at a venue of your choice. ...
£269.00   £ 159.00
Supercar Treble Experience from
SAVE 36%

Supercar Treble

A special offer driving experience that puts you at the wheel of three amazing supercars at a choice of no less than 6 circuits in the UK. Book a gift ...
£295.00   £ 189.00
Top Gear Star In A Car Challenge Experience from
SAVE 29%
Age 17+

Top Gear Star In A Car Challenge

Book to take on the 'Star in a Car' challenge from Top Gear at the site of the show's test track at Dunsfold Park in Surrey with TrackDays. ...
£209.00   £ 149.00
Supercar Double Track Day Offer Experience from
SAVE 39%

Supercar Double Track Day Offer

Save and drive 2 supercars on a real racing circuit before having the 2014 Radical European Champion, Andy Cummings take you for an adrenaline-fuelled ...
£259.00   £ 159.00
Supercar Treble Track Day Offer Experience from
SAVE 31%

Supercar Treble Track Day Offer

Save and drive 3 supercars on a real racing circuit before having the 2014 Radical European Champion, Andy Cummings take you for an adrenaline-fuelled ...
£319.00   £ 219.00
Four Supercar Thrill Experience from
SAVE 33%

Four Supercar Thrill

This driving experience puts you behind the wheel a Ferrari 360, Porsche 996 Carrera 2, Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Lotus Elise 160 with a high speed r ...
£299.00   £ 199.00
Supercar Track Day Offer Experience from
SAVE 50%

Supercar Track Day Offer

Save 50% and drive a Supercar on a real Racing Circuit before having the 2014 Radical European Champion, Andy Cummings take you for a adrenaline-fuell ...
£199.00   £ 99.00
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What is an Ariel Atom Driving Experience?

When it comes to the perfect driving experience car, what do you really want? Lightweight, good power and brilliant handling, the Ariel Atom might just check all those boxes.

Lightweight? Of course, the Atom weighs just 612kg, about half the weight of your average city car.

Power? Definitely, the Atom produces 300bhp from its 2.0-litre supercharged engine, pushing the car from 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds, matching the time of the incredible McLaren 570S.

And finally handling, the Atom handles with pinpoint accuracy. Able to hit every apex you point it at, the Atom also lets you see exactly where your tyres are going thanks to its exoskeletal chassis.

This lightweight track weapon is available for you to drive at a number of venues across the country. You could experience the tight corners of Oulton Park, the straights of Silverstone, or get to grips around Dunsfold Park, better known as the Top Gear test track. Each of the track options will let you experience everything the Atom has to offer.

We also have a number of experiences that will let you compare the performance of the Atom with that of its much bigger more powerful supercar brethren. You could take on a Ferrari, Porsche or even an Aston Martin along with the lightweight supercar, the Ariel Atom. Our experiences will let you get behind the wheel of up to six supercars of your choice, including the Ariel Atom.

The Atom is certainly one of the more interesting cars in the TrackDays fleet and while it may not have the luxurious leather seats of an Aston Martin or the beautiful looks of a Ferrari 458 Italia, the Atom doesn’t need any of that as it has been built with one purpose in mind – the perfect driving experience car that will live long in your memory.

Above you will find all of our terrific track day packages which make great gifts for any motoring fans and will let you push the Ariel Atom to its limits. You can order an open gift voucher or book directly onto a date.

How do I book an Ariel Atom Experience?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to book your experience. You can either buy one of our Ariel Atom driving days as an open gift voucher or book directly onto a date. If you cannot see any dates on the voucher page then simply email or call us and we can give you the most up to date availability. If you are looking to make a bespoke package or you are interested in making one of our experience into a group/corporate event then please get in touch by going to our corporate day's page and filling in the enquiry form.

Essential booking information for Ariel Atom Experiences

If you are buying an open gift voucher for an Ariel Atom package, please check as some Ariel Atom vouchers and special offers may have a shorter or longer validity. The validity period to activate and use your voucher in will be clearly stated on the voucher.

If you are booking directly onto a date for an Ariel Atom Experience please note that you are making a booking request and the date and time that you choose will still be subject to availability. We usually confirm bookings within 48 hours but it’s important that you do not make any arrangements in conjunction with your booking request until you have a final confirmation email. The immediate receipt you get when making a booking request is not the confirmation.
Other important things to consider when purchasing Ariel Atom Experiences is that the driver meets all of the requirements in terms of age, weight, height and driving licence. Each experience will have its own unique requirements so make sure you have read the important information thoroughly. If an experience is for junior drivers only we will usually mention this in the name of the package but not in all cases. If you place a booking for an Ariel Atom Experience and on the day the driver turns out to not meet the requirements then its likely they will not get to drive and may have to settle for a passenger ride instead.

What did Jeremy Clarkson think of the Ariel Atom?

After former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson described the experience as being 'the time of my life' you'll agree that a drive in the Ariel Atom track day is very unlikely to leave anyone disappointed.

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