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Goodwood Track Days Information

You too can experience the thrill of driving around this exciting track when you join in with others on a day dedicated to the thrill of driving this fantastic circuit. High-quality catering is provided at the Cadillac Cafe adjacent to the pit straight, where the site caterers Payne and Gunter can provide corporate meals or light snacks. Spectators will be spoiled for choice from the great viewing positions available.

Goodwood Noise Limits

The track day noise limits at Goodwood usually depend on the number of cars/vehicles that are running. For events with no more than 5 cars running Circuit at any one time, the static limit can be up to 105dB(A) and drive-by 101dB(A) at approximately 10m on-track. For more vehicles than the limits drop to 98 and 96 respectively. Before every track day at Goodwood, there will be a static noise test at 0.5m from exhaust and 3/4 of max revs. The drive-by limits are measured at a distance of approx. 10 metres from the track. Please check the specific noise limit for the event before booking as it is subject to change.

Goodwood Race Circuit

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2.38 miles
Goodwood - Full circuit

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Goodwood Track Days Information

Goodwood Track Days - Once graced by the likes of Stirling Moss, Goodwood circuit is one of the most famous circuits in British racing history. Goodwood was revived as a circuit in 1998 and is currently operated for track days and testing. A circuit over nearly 2.5 miles it is higher speed bends and straights than multiple chicanes. The name Goodwood evokes past heroes and racing in workshops overalls and leather helmets. Things are different today but as to how far Goodwood develops is yet to be seen. The circuit is stacked in history and each year holds the festival of speed, a much-loved event. All we can say is that if it was good enough for Stirling Moss then it's good enough for today's track day attendee's. Goodwood circuit is rightly famous for its car race meetings and glorious past.
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