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Natural Beekeeping with Philip Chandler Driving Experience 1

Natural Beekeeping with Philip Chandler

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Why buy from us?
This exclusive online course will see you learn all about natural beekeeping, under the guidance and tutelage of Philip Chandler, “The Barefoot Beekeeper”! It’s a perfect and insightful way to get introduced to more organic methods and traditions of keeping honey bees. And whilst the more traditional methods of beekeeping do require a lot of time and investment, the rewards they return are beneficial in so many different ways, as Philip himself discovered when he first started beekeeping, realising that more intensive modern techniques weren’t for him - or indeed, for the natural environment in which they existed. By returning to more sustainable, organic methods, those who are keen gardeners with an eye on becoming apiarists will come to better understand the mutual benefits of keeping bee colonies by only harvesting when there is a surplus - because the bees need the honey too, so as to be able to continue to pollinate plants. Having a good hive is one crucial element of the exercise, which is why Philip uses Kenyan-style horizontal “top bar” beehives. They’re much lighter than the more typical hives we immediately think of, as well as being far less invasive on the bees, and if you’re quite dexterous then they’re fairly easy to put together as well. Your tutorials will be delivered to you over a total of four online sessions. Amongst the topics you’ll be covering will be the role of bees in the natural world, their life cycle, and where both they and flowers thrive best. In your final session, you’ll learn about how to best attract bees to your hive. And given that they’ll have a safe, chemical free home to get settled into, this should hopefully be no trouble at all! So if you’re buzzing to get started in natural beekeeping with The Barefoot Beekeeper, this is the course for you!

  • Online tutoring in natural beekeeping
  • Learn with the experts : Philip Chandler
  • Follow a course of 4 modules online
  • 'Expert' certificated option available

  • Four-part online beekeeping course with expert videos and notes
  • Sessions are taught by Philip Chandler, author of 'The Barefoot Beekeeper'
  • Online classroom with up to 20 classmates
  • Gain a greater understanding of the role of bees in their natural world and in the context of human agriculture
  • Understand the design, construction and use of a Top Bar Hive
  • Learn about the lifecycle of honeybees and the ways to supervise and nurture them on a small scale
  • Lifetime access to videos, notes and classroom
  • Choose from a Peer or Expert option
  • Lessons will run on any desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet
  • All you need is good Wi-Fi or 4G connection

Course Outline

  • The Nature of Honeybees
  • Bees, Flowers and Natural Beekeeping
  • Starting with a Top Bar Hive
  • Establishing a healthy colony

Peer Option

  • 4 course assignments
  • Practice what you learn with your peers
  • Group chat and direct message with classmates

Expert Option

  • 4 weeks tutor access for personalised assignment feedback and coaching
  • 4 assignments marked by Philip Chandler
  • Certificate of completion signed by Philip Chandler
  • Group chat and direct message with tutor and classmates

Minimum Age: 18 years

  • Register your voucher to receive access to the learning platform
  • You can start courses whenever you like

  • Minimum age 18

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