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Ford Mustang 390 Fastback Driving Experiences

The Ford Mustang 390 Fastback is an iconic American muscle car. Built in 1968, this car became popular after appearing in the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt, and comes in the same dark Highland green colour featured in the film. It has a growling V8 which is tuned with an Edelbrock carburettor, powering 225 bhp with a top speed of 121 mph, and we have it available to book for many great driving experiences all round the UK here at TrackDays.

Mustang 390 Fastback Driving Experiences
Max Speed:
0 - 60mph:
0 - 100mph:
Engine Size:
4.7 V8
Ford 'Bullitt' Mustang Thrill Experience from
SAVE 46%

Ford 'Bullitt' Mustang Thrill

Drive the revered 68 Ford Bullitt Mustang at our venue in Hertfordshire. Experience driving the Ford Mustang with a gift voucher from ...
£138.00   £ 74.00
Ford 'Bullitt' Mustang Blast Experience from
SAVE 45%
Age 17+

Ford 'Bullitt' Mustang Blast

Get behind the wheel of the iconic Ford Bullitt Mustang at our venue in Hertfordshire. This is the perfect gift for any car enthusiast, so book today ...
£98.00   £ 54.00
Supercar Passenger Ride Experience from

Supercar Passenger Ride

Don't have a license, fear not we now offer the supercar passenger ride experience in Hertfordshire. Get driven around the track for 4 exhilarating la ...
£ 44.00
Double Supercar Passenger Ride Experience from

Double Supercar Passenger Ride

See how the pros do it with the double supercar passenger ride. Choose two cars and then sit back and get whisked around the circuit for 4 laps in eac ...
£ 59.00
Ultimate Passenger Ride Collection Experience from

Ultimate Passenger Ride Collection

Get driven in three supercars on a high-speed passenger ride around our circuit in Hertfordshire. Experience speeds like never before with a gift vouc ...
£ 89.00

Drive a Ford Mustang 390 Fastback near me

First produced in 1968 as part of their first generation of Mustang models, the Ford Mustang 390 Fastback was a GT model and made some significant changes from previous incarnations, including a two-spoke energy absorbing steering system, front and rear side markers and a windshield centred rear view mirror.

But crucially, it was also the first Mustang to be kitted out with a 4.7 litre V8 engine, making it the most turbocharged of muscle cars for that time. With a wheelbase of 108 inches, and a weight of 1251 kg, this is some serious Stateside motoring brawn we’re talking about here.

It also has the power and speed to back it up for a high performance car of that time, powering out 225 bhp, with an achievable top speed of 121 mph, accelerating from 0 - 60 mph in 10.5 seconds.

Cool Facts About the Ford Mustang 390 Fastback

We can’t talk about the Ford Mustang 390 Fastback without mentioning what most people know it best as. Chiefly, as the car driven by Steve McQueen in the iconic 1968 film Bullitt, where it appeared in a modified version with Highland green livery in the famous scene where it tears through the streets of San Francisco.

At TrackDays, we have it available to book either for our special Ford 'Bullitt' Mustang 14 Lap experience package at Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire, or as part of our Movie Car packages, where you could drive it along with the Dodge Charger that’s also in that famous chase sequence, as well as up to four other silver screens of your choice.

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