Ford Fiesta ST Rally Driving Experiences

Specially prepared with rally driving in mind, the Ford Fiesta ST Rally, resplendent in blue and white racing stripes, is the ultimate modern day rally car, powered on a 2.0 litre engine bumping 163 bhp and top speeds of 120 mph. We have it available to book for a selection of great rally driving experiences at venues across the UK with TrackDays.

Fiesta ST Rally Driving Experiences
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Drive a Ford Fiesta ST Rally near me

The standard performance model of the Ford Fiesta ST was first unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show, rolling off the production line that same year. This particular version we have available to book for our driving experiences here at TrackDays has been custom built and prepared with rally driving in mind, hence it’s full name, the Ford Fiesta ST Rally.

It’s definitely a modern rally car built for fun. With stylish and super cool blue and white striped racing livery, 17 inch alloy wheels, disc brakes to all wheels and differing front and rear bumpers, it’s size and engineering makes it perfectly tailored for revving up the throttle out on the dirt and gravel.

Powering for this small but mighty hatchback comes from a 2.0 litre Duratec petrol engine, giving out 163 bhp. In terms of speed, it’s capable of top speeds of 120 mph, with acceleration from 0 - 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

Cool Facts About the Ford Fiesta ST Rally

Interestingly, whilst the Ford Fiesta ST is so named in the UK and Europe, it isn’t known as that down under. It was renamed as the Ford Fiesta XR4 for the Australian market, to keep it in line with the ‘XR’ badging they give to their vehicles in that territory.

Being a relatively current and more popular model in their fleet - even in their hot hatch form - means that the Ford Fiesta ST is also one of the more affordable models out there, with low running costs for fuel and parts.

Other Fords Available

Puma Rally
Ford Puma Rally
BHP: 123
0-60 (secs): 7.8
Focus RS Turbo
Ford Focus RS Turbo
BHP: 301
0-60 (secs): 6.0
Lotus Cortina
Ford Lotus Cortina
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0-60 (secs): 11.0
Ford Mustang
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0-60 (secs): 5.2
Puma Rally
Ford Puma Rally
BHP: 123
0-60 (secs): 7.8
Escort MK2
Ford Escort MK2
BHP: 110
0-60 (secs): 8.6
Ford KA
Ford Ford KA
BHP: 69
0-60 (secs): 14.11
Zetec S
Ford Zetec S
BHP: 118
0-60 (secs): 9.8
Focus ST2
Ford Focus ST2
BHP: 221
0-60 (secs): 6.6
Escort RS2000
Ford Escort RS2000
BHP: 160
0-60 (secs): 4.4
GT 40
Ford GT 40
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0-60 (secs): 4.2
Mustang GT 350
Ford Mustang GT 350
BHP: 306
0-60 (secs): 5.7
Shelby GT500
Ford Shelby GT500
BHP: 550
0-60 (secs): 4.8
Focus RS 2.3 EcoBoost
Ford Focus RS 2.3 EcoBoost
BHP: 350
0-60 (secs): 4.7
Mustang GT 500
Ford Mustang GT 500
BHP: 290
0-60 (secs): 7
Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT
BHP: 435
0-60 (secs): 4.6
MK1 Escort RS
Ford MK1 Escort RS
BHP: 125
0-60 (secs): 9.0
Mustang 390 Fastback
Ford Mustang 390 Fastback
BHP: 225
0-60 (secs): 10.5
Gran Torino
Ford Gran Torino
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0-60 (secs): 8.1
Shelby GT
Ford Shelby GT
BHP: 420
0-60 (secs): 3.5
Escort RS Turbo
Ford Escort RS Turbo
BHP: 129
0-60 (secs): 8.7
BHP: 110
0-60 (secs): 8.6
Ford ESCORT RS2000
BHP: 160
0-60 (secs): 4.4
Single Seater F1 Style
Ford Single Seater F1 Style
BHP: 130
0-60 (secs): 5
Ford F650 Super Duty Pick Up
Ford Ford F650 Super Duty Pick Up
BHP: 320
0-60 (secs): 17.6
Mustang 1965 V8
Ford Mustang 1965 V8
BHP: 280
0-60 (secs): 7.9
Mustang Police Car
Ford Mustang Police Car
BHP: 320
0-60 (secs): 4.9
Fiesta ST
Ford Fiesta ST
BHP: 197
0-60 (secs): 6.5

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