Ford Escort MK2 Driving Experiences

Custom built for Rally driving purposes, the Ford Escort MK2 that we have available to book for our range of Rally Driving Experiences at Silverstone Rally School on TrackDays is a former World Rally Championship winning car. Powered on a Straight 4 engine packing 110 bhp, it makes it the perfect car for gravel rally driving.

Escort MK2 Driving Experiences
Max Speed:
0 - 60mph:
0 - 100mph:
Engine Size:
Straight 4
Rally Silver Experience from

Rally Silver

Learn and master the skills of Rally driving with this adrenalin filled half day Rally. On a purpose built Rally course you will learn how to powersli ...
£ 169.00
Rally Gold Experience from

Rally Gold

A full day of rally driving at Silverstone Park with ...
£ 269.00
Rally Thrill Passenger Ride Experience from

Rally Thrill Passenger Ride

Ever dreamed of sitting in the co-drivers seat next to a professional Rally driver, this experience does exactly that on purpose-built special rally s ...
£ 99.00
Solo Rally Experience Experience from

Solo Rally Experience

The solo Rally experience is one of the only packages in the UK in which you get the venue to yourself for one on one tuition from a former Rally driv ...
£ 289.00
Solo Rally Experience half day Experience from

Solo Rally Experience half day

The solo Rally half day experience gives you the venue to yourself for one on one tuition from a former Rally driver. ...
£ 600.00
Solo Rally Introduction Experience from

Solo Rally Introduction

One to one Rally driving tuition using a unique circuit and fully trained driving instructors at Silverstone Park in Northamptonshire. ...
£ 189.00

Drive a Ford Escort MK2 near me

Available exclusively to drive through TrackDays for our Rally Driving Experience days at Silverstone Rally School, the Ford Escort MK2 is a special version of this much loved and popular model, custom prepared with rally driving out on the gravel and dirt in mind.

This particular model you’ll be taking to the wheel of is actually a former World Rally Championship winner, and under the guidance of an expert instructor, you’ll get to feel and witness the sheer throttle and power this car can really offer in the rough and ready world of rally driving.

This two door saloon Escort is powered on a Straight 4 engine, which roars out with 110 bhp, and accelerates from 0 - 60 mph in 8.6 seconds. It’s capable of reaching a top speed of 112 mph, perfect for mastering power and pendulum slides and handbrake turns.

Cool Facts About the Ford Escort MK2

The Ford Escort MK2 was much loved by British motorists all throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The commercial road model was also notably the nation’s biggest selling car of 1976. In fact it was so well loved, that there was a public outcry when the third generation of models, introduced in the 1980s, were almost going to be called the Ford Erika rather than the Escort - hence they stuck with the name everyone loved.

It was, up until a few years ago, still pretty easy to obtain an Escort MK2 on the second hand market. But a combination of the fast growing popularity of rally driving in motorsport, plus age and parts supply have seen to it that to find a Ford Escort MK2 in good condition could set you back anything from £10,000 upwards. But with TrackDays, you can book a rally driving experience in one without the hefty price tag.

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