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Porsche GT3 RS Driving Experiences

The Porsche GT3 RS is a higher performance version of the classic 911 sports car. It has a 3.6 litre naturally aspirated six cylinder engine. Built between 2003 and 2005, it is easily recognisable thanks to its lightweight blue or red wheels and side stickers. Going from 0 - 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, and with a top speed of over 190 mph, the GT3 RS is one of the quickest variations of the 911 around. Book yours today with TrackDays from our range of Porsche GT3 RS driving days - including our special Diamond driving experiences - from available dates or gift vouchers.

GT3 RS Driving Experiences
Max Speed:
0 - 60mph:
0 - 100mph:
Engine Size:
Porsche GT3 RS Thrill Experience from

Porsche GT3 RS Thrill

Drive the Porsche GT3 RS around one of four UK venues for a driving experience like no other. Enjoy six thrilling laps with a track days gift voucher, ...
£ 119.00
Diamond Supercar Blast Experience from
Age 17+

Diamond Supercar Blast

Book a Diamond Supercar Blast Driving Experience. Enjoy the thrill of driving the most luxurious cars from our fleet at UK wide venues with TrackDays. ...
£ 79.00
Diamond Supercar Thrill Experience from
Age 17+

Diamond Supercar Thrill

Book a Diamond Supercar Thrill Driving Experience. Drive one of our most luxurious cars from our fleet for 6 miles at UK wide venues with ...
£ 119.00
Double Diamond Supercar Blast Experience from
Age 17+

Double Diamond Supercar Blast

Book a Double Diamond Supercar Blast Driving Experience and enjoy driving the most luxurious cars from our fleet at UK wide venues with ...
£ 149.00
Double Diamond Supercar Thrill Experience from
Age 17+

Double Diamond Supercar Thrill

Book a Double Diamond Supercar Thrill Driving Experience at UK wide venues. Book onto a date or purchase a gift voucher with ...
£ 219.00

Drive a Porsche GT3 RS near me

Even though Porsche had first introduced the ‘GT3’ name badge as far as back as 1999, it was four years later, in 2003, when they introduced the Porsche GT3 RS model onto the market.

An incredibly aerodynamic and fine tuned sports car, based on their classic 911, the GT3 RS is lighter than the previous GT3 iteration, as it has a polycarbonate rear window, carbon fibre hood and rear wing.

The engine is also substantially different on this compared to other 911 models, high performance and standard alike; for whilst it is designed in the same way as the standard ‘integrated dry-sump’ flat 6 engine, it is naturally aspirated and functions more akin to the units found in 996 and 962 GT1 race cars.

This, as you might expect, allows the GT3 RS to power out an awesome 415 bhp, with super fast acceleration from 0 - 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, and once behind the wheel you can expect to reach top speeds in excess of 193 mph.

Cool Facts About the Porsche GT3 RS

The engine used in the Porsche GT3 RS is known as the ‘Mezger’ engine - so called, because of its designer’s name, Hans Mezger, who was also responsible for Porsche’s TAG-Turbo engine in the 1980s that saw many McLaren MP4/2 chassis to Formula 1 victory.

When it was first produced, Porsche offered customers (excluding those in North America), at no extra cost, a special ‘Clubsport’ upgrade, which allowed the GT3 RS to have, amongst other things, adjustable racing bucket seats and a bolt-in half-roll cage fitted to make it track ready.

Other Porsches Available

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0-60 (secs): 4.9
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Porsche 911 Carrera
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Porsche 997
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0-60 (secs): 4.1
Porsche 911
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911 RS
Porsche 911 RS
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Porsche Boxster S
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0-60 (secs): 5.1
Porsche Cayman
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0-60 (secs): 5.8
997 Turbo
Porsche 997 Turbo
BHP: 472
0-60 (secs): 3.6
911 C2 S
Porsche 911 C2 S
BHP: 355
0-60 (secs): 5.7
996 C2 Racecar
Porsche 996 C2 Racecar
BHP: 320
0-60 (secs): 4.3
996 GT3
Porsche 996 GT3
BHP: 360
0-60 (secs): 4.6
997 Techart Turbo
Porsche 997 Techart Turbo
BHP: 600
0-60 (secs): 3.4
911 Classic
Porsche 911 Classic
BHP: 230
0-60 (secs): 5.6
924 Cup
Porsche 924 Cup
BHP: 160
0-60 (secs): 6.0
Porsche GT2
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