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Top Experiences to look forward to in 2012

Top Experiences to look forward to in 2012 - News

Top Driving Experiences in 2012

Top of the list has to be the New Lamborghini Aventador. Just like previous Lamborghini's it's name was chosen for its connection to the world of Bull Fighting and was named after a Championship winning Bull. What more can be said about this car that hasn't already been said. It has the attitude and looks of the bull it was named after and makes the grunting noises to prove it. It's the most powerful Lamborghini in production going to 100kph in 2.9 seconds and a whopping top speed of 230mph, this sort of power has helped it up onto 3rd of the Top Gear leader board. The Lamborghini LP700 Aventador has the interior which wouldn't look out of place in a billion dollar spaceship with all its little gizmo's and gadgets. In truth, when you get the chance to do an experience in this superb car it will scare the living pants off you. No Lie!

Next on the list is our new venue for Rally Driving in Oxfordshire, this lovely little venue is the perfect setting for doing a Rally Experience as it has a nice mix of dirt, gravel and hard surfaces to give you plenty to think about while you power slide around the circuit. The Rally Challenge Experience that is held at this venue is perfect as it offers the chance to drive two iconic Rally cars from the glory days of this adrenalin filled motorsport around this forestry course.

Mud lots of mud, fallen trees, big rocks, dipped valleys, steep inclines and insane declines, you can see why 4x4 Off Road has become one of the nations favourite hobbies, and now we have plenty of options for you to get your kicks from. Whether you like to drive up a 45 degree hill and see nothing but air or you like to just drive over ruff terrain in the war vehicle of choice the Hummer. we have every sort of off road experience to wet you appetite.and keep you wanting more.

Anything British supercar related is sure to be a hit this year due to the Olympic Games, the biggest sporting event in the world coming to our shores in the summer. Whether it be the Aston Martin experiences or the iconic Jaguar E Type you will find some cracking Classic car Experiences to choose from that show British engineering at its best.  With tourism in to the UK set to soar during the course of the Olympics  people from all corners of the globe will be able to have the chance to drive some of the best British supercars of all time around some of the best circuits in England.

09 January 2012

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