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Drifting Experiences - Learn how to drift a car

Drifting Experiences - Learn how to drift a car - News

Drifting Experiences: Learn how to drift a car

So what is drifting?

Drifting is about controlling and keeping a car in a state of over-steer by using throttle, brakes, gear shifting and steering to manoeuvre the vehicle from turn to turn. Whilst traditional speeders will be quick to point out that this technique is not the quickest, that isn't the point. Drifting is hugely fun and one of the most popular driving experience events on the calendar.

Drifting requires and emphasises the control of the cars balance and momentum through coordinating counter-steer or opposite-lock, brakes and throttle. For many, the thrill is to practice driving and controlling a car at it's very limit with smoke billowing from the rear tyres and the engine roaring while the car drifts around the track.

The general goal is to keep the car sideways by balancing throttle and steering to find that sweet spot where the car maintains sideways momentum without straightening out or spinning out.

Whilst the origin of drifting is uncertain, the Japanese formalised and popularised the sport in the 1970's with racing driver Kunimitsu Takahashi becoming the father or the emerging sport, developing drifting techniques and becoming the chairman of the GT-Association, the organizers of the Super GT series.

Grass roots drifting events are organised up and down the country, fuelled by the spread of the sport over the internet. Several of those at the spearhead of developing and catering for the growth of the sport in the UK are now operators for drift experiences, and enable you to develop the basic techniques to practice in a safe track environment with specialist instructors.

The best cars for drifting are rear wheel drive for obvious reasons with Nissan 200SXs/Silvia's, Nissan Skylines, BMW 3 series, Toyota Supra's and Ford Sierras considered good starters if you are looking at owning your own drifting vehicle.

For the vast majority who are looking for a taster then a drift experience is for you as everything will be provided. The cars are especially prepared for drifting and include the Westfield, Mazda, Caterham, BMW, Skyline and 350Z.

Trackdays offer something for everyone from Junior Drifting experiences, Drifting introductions to half day and full day experiences up and down the UK. From power-slides, drift control and drift braking there is plenty to have a go at mastering, give it a go and learn how to drift.

Drifting Experiences Available to book:

25 January 2017

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