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Biggest selling cars from around the world - News

With the new registration plates going live this month, we've decided to reflect on what cars are the runners and riders in sales markets across the globe.

Before scouring through the data available, a short survey was done in the office to see which cars we thought would come out on top.

Our ride begins in the US, before a long flight over to Europe where we will make quick stops in the UK, France and Germany, before ending our world tour in Japan. Why don't you play along and write down your top choices before reading further.

  • USA: Ford F-Series

First on our destination list is America: home of the SUVs, muscle cars and pick-ups. And it is the American's love for their sturdy 'pick-up truck' that is still alive and kicking, despite sales for the F-Series falling this year.

It is safe to say that the F-series has evolved over recent years to keep up with the modern era – a new electric F150 aptly named 'Lightning' was released back in May – but the series still holds onto the quintessential look many of us imagine when we think of these American beasts.

Powerful enough to tackle the rugged conditions America has to offer while still being comfortable to cruise down their highways, the F-Series is a bit of a no-brainer for American motorists.

  • UK: Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa was high on our list, and according to our research us Brits do indeed still love this ever-reliable car.

It is easy to see why sales of this car are ranked high: reliable, clean looks; it drives well; and is great value for money. There is even a new electric range available – the Corsa-e – that will further boost the model's popularity in the forthcoming years.

  • France: Peugeot 208

If you didn't pick a Peugeot model as your guess for this one, then you've missed an open goal.

The French love their Peugeots and it is the 208 that continues to steal their hearts. With a pretty sleek, modern interior and striking looks from the outside, the vastly improved 2022 model is truly flavour of the day on the French car menu.

The 208 model is also the first small car on the market to offer a petrol, diesel and pure electric version for prospective buyers. J'adore!

  • Germany: Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has maintained the top spot in Germany for the 46th consecutive year (yes – 46!) which is a truly outstanding achievement. But now that fact has sunk in, it is not too difficult to see why this shouldn't actually be that surprising.

Since rolling off the production line way back in 1974, the Golf has always been a popular and reliable choice for those who could not quite splash out on a Mercedes A-Class but have enough in the bank for a high-spec Fiesta. With a comfy ride and iconic look – we think the Germans are spot on with this choice.

  • Japan: Honda N-Box

The Honda N-Box is top of the charts in Japan, our final stop. OK, now, we have to admit that even we didn't see this one coming (especially as it isn't one of the more well-known cars on our list).

On first viewing, it really is quite an unusual looking car, but once you deep dive into why it is such a popular car with the Japanese market, it is hard to argue why this key model has helped underpin Honda's rise in financial fortunes.

With Japan introducing favourable tax and toll breaks for vehicles under certain power, weight and size restrictions, it makes perfect sense to own the N-Box whilst you nip around Osaka or Tokyo. Despite this financial incentive – we don't think we will be seen driving one anytime soon.

At, we provide a range of different Driving Experiences for car models across the globe to save you having to purchase an around the world ticket to experience what cars the world has to offer. Book from available dates on our Driving Experiences Calendar or purchase from our open Gift Vouchers.

Biggest selling cars from around the world
21 September 2022

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