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Top Gear showcases a new level of Stunt Experience with their Wall of Death

Top Gear showcases a new level of Stunt Experience with their Wall of Death - News

Top Gear have collectively always been known for pushing the boundaries of modern vehicles, and coming up with new, innovative ways of showcasing the amazing abilities of automotive power. 

They also always find a way of making sure the challenges feature some element of danger, as they seek to produce the most entertaining form of television for their audience - more so now they’ve made the primetime move to BBC One for this current series. And in this week’s episode, they certainly did not disappoint with the introduction of their incredible Wall of Death. 

The Wall of Death is one of the most intimidating challenges we’ve seen on the show - and that’s quite some statement, considering previous tasks on the shows included car darts, caravan conkers, motorhome destruction derby, Toyota Aygo Football and Bungee jumping cars. 

And who could forget the time they drove through the south of America sporting offensive slogans all over their vehicles? As you see, Top Gear have never shied away from controversy with their challenges, and their latest stunt was unquestionably one of their most ambitious. 

The team at Top Gear faced numerous problems when approaching such a large task, mainly creating the structure that’s capable of handling such extensive weight loads. These stunts are normally performed in buggies or motorcycles, so pulling a car around the wall of death poses many challenges. Another issue faced by the producers of the show was whether or not the presenters were going to be able to complete the challenge. 

The level of G force whilst going round the wall of death can get up to 5g’s, which is where the blood will rush from your head to your feet. At this stage, and with the dangers of the challenge, the show’s main figureheads were concerned the presenters would be put in serious danger. 

However, the presenters were not to be deterred, and powered through convincing the producers that they could effectively complete the task; and what amazing viewing it made for! Audiences are always seeking new, innovative content that keeps them on their toes and Top Gear delivered this massively.

The presenters ploughed forward and made the leap of faith, as they jumped behind the wheel and whisked themselves round the wall of death. The suspense and anticipation was through the roof, but they remained calm and executed the challenge with what seemed like ease and professionalism. 

Stunt driving activities have become increasingly popular as the years have progressed, and here at TrackDays we’ve noticed a significant desire from audiences for a more adrenaline fuelled experience. Our Stunt Driving packages are extremely popular, and are almost always full of customers that are seeking a unique gift experience that won’t be forgotten. 

Typical stunt days include two wheel driving experiences, drifting between vehicles and many more amazing stunts. Admittedly, we can’t offer the Wall of Death, but we can certainly offer experiences that will be very close to matching the adrenaline rush! 

If stunt days aren’t for you, but you're still a huge Top Gear fan, then we also have the Ultimate Top Gear Experience where you can test your abilities in the infamous Reasonably Priced car at the home of the show’s test circuit at Dunsfold Park in Surrey - a must for any massive fan of the show! 

Overall, the wall of death was certainly an incredible watch, and it’s refreshing to see Top Gear back doing what they do best; pushing boundaries and creating television that not only captures the imagination of car enthusiasts, but also appeals to those that aren’t as keen on cars as well. That’s how you know you’ve produced something with mass appeal, and here at TrackDays we are so grateful to have them back, excelling and providing some much needed Sunday entertainment! Long live Top Gear!

14 October 2020

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