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Toyota Supra Driving Experiences

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, you will instantly recognise the livery on the Toyota Supra cars that we offer on our driving experience days. The Supras on these events are nearly as quick as the one driven by Paul Walker in the films. They also have a turbocharged engine, with power varying from 400 - 600 bhp, making them an absolute beast on the track. Please filter through our range of our Toyota Supra driving experiences below which are available at a range of venues across the UK with TrackDays.

Supra Driving Experiences
Max Speed:
0 - 60mph:
0 - 100mph:
Engine Size:
Supercar Passenger Ride Experience from

Supercar Passenger Ride

Don't have a license, fear not we now offer the supercar passenger ride experience in Hertfordshire. Get driven around the track for 2 exhilarating la ...
£ 44.00
Movie Car Blast Experience from

Movie Car Blast

Book a Movie Car Blast Driving Experience, and get behind the wheel in Cars made famous on the Big Screen at UK wide venues with ...
£ 39.00
Two Movie Car Blast Experience from

Two Movie Car Blast

Book a Two Movie Car Blast Driving Experience, and get behind the wheel in Cars made famous on the Big Screen at UK wide venues with ...
£ 59.00
Three Movie Car Blast Experience from

Three Movie Car Blast

Experience 9 miles driving 3 famous movie cars of your choice, with a huge selection of authentic cars to choose from. Ranging from The Fast and the F ...
£ 89.00

Drive a Toyota Supra near me

The Supra is an explosive racing machine that you can drive at a variety of locations throughout the nation. From the South West in Cornwall, to the East in Norfolk, all the way through the Midlands even up to the North in Scotland - so wherever you are, rest assured that TrackDays will be able source you the perfect Toyota Supra experience.

We also offer a variety of experiences that will allow you to compare the Supra's performance to that of its other movie car siblings. Try our six moviecar blast and get behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (bumblebee); the Nissan Skyline R34 (Fast and Furious); or the Aston Martin Vantage (007); in addition to the Supra MK4!

The Supra is one of the rarest cars in the TrackDays fleet. It might not look like a supercar compared to a dazzling white brand new Lamborghini Huracan - but the Supra MK4 was designed with an indestructible tuner engine, the 2JZ. When the mechanics got their hands on them they were producing 800+BHP. There really hasn’t been a car like it since - which is a terrible shame. TrackDays works with the best suppliers in the UK - and they’ve got a Supra for you!

All of our fantastic driving day packages, which make excellent presents for any motoring enthusiasts and allow you to push the Toyota Supra to its maximum, are listed on this page. You may either purchase an open gift certificate or reserve a specific date.

First debuting in 1978, the Supra is Japanese giants Toyota’s marquee sports car, and was based off the liftback Celica, but made slightly longer in order to accommodate the new inline 6 cylinder engine that produces much of the car’s incredible power.

The initial Supra boasted a 2.0 litre engine with 120 bhp, however, Toyota have made some real engineering improvements in the last 40 years, and the newest variant of the Supra now has a 3 litre engine and has an astounding 387 bhp. Combine this with its incredible handling, and it starts to become apparent why this vehicle is such an icon of its time.

Perhaps most famously known for its appearance in the Fast and Furious film franchise, the Supra has become a vastly desired sports car, as it holds similar statistics to many supercars but at a fraction of the price. It hits 0 - 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds, meaning this car is astonishingly quick considering price point.

Alongside this, Toyota’s popularity as one of the most reliable manufacturers has helped this car shift over 250,000 models since its inception - remarkable figures.

How can I make a reservation for a Toyota Supra driving experience?

We aim to make booking your trip as simple as possible for you. You may either purchase an open gift certificate for one of our Toyota Supra driving days or book straight onto a date from our constantly updated Events Calendar.

If you don't manage to find any dates for your preferred experience on the voucher page, please contact our Customer Service team, who will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date availability.

You owe me a Ten Second Car

The Toyota Supra is an automotive pop culture icon, being a main feature of the iconic Initial D Arcade stage games, Forza, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed computer games and of course as previously mentioned the Fast and Furious Film Franchise.

In 1983/1984 the Supra was awarded Best Imported Car into America, and it also made Car and Driver’s Top Ten cars for ‘83 and ‘84 as well.

The Toyota Supra is a prominent vehicle among many different motorsports, having featured in Rally Championships, Drifting Championships, Touring Racing, Production Racing and many more.

In 2001 Vin Diesel changed the World with just seven words. You owe me a ten second car. The Toyota Supra wasn't born a motorsports and performance legend - so why do we see it now all over Youtube sought after by every JDM speed collector - and witness it smoking Lamborghinis and Mustangs on highways the World over? The allure of the Japanese Domestic Market is so clear and powerful today - and has given us so many icons - Supra MK4; Subaru WRX STi; Nissan Skyline GT-r R34; Mitsubishi Evo.

Some of these cars were increasingly tempting because they were illegal to import into the US for most of the last few decades - and yet featured in movies and games as the World's greatest vehicles. When it comes to import drag cars - the MK4 Supra is king. Famously the Grannas Racing team achieving a 7.17 second run at 205 miles per hour in December 2019 with 'Orange Man Bad' - and a 6.9 second quarter mile at 194mph - making it the fastest 6 speed stick-shift in the World right now.

Calm down a minute because we are getting carried away - admittedly Orange Man Bad is a 1800bhp Supra - which is basically a missile. But it's the speciality of the Supra MK4 to be comfortable being customised right down to the very atoms that make it - hence why it is insanely popular to the modding crowds.

If we dial it back to the predecessors of the MK4 things will start to get less exciting. It originated as part of the 'pony car' craze - instantiated by Ford bringing out the Mustang. Mid sized affordable sedans with big engines. Really the pony cars have had such an influence on what we see and love today - high performance production models developed in league with factory supported racing to gain a marketing edge - sound familiar?

Toyota naturally wanted in - and they rolled out the rear wheel drive Celica in 1970. In 1978 the Celica XX was produced but Toyota America didn't like the name - so they called it the Celica Supra! Just a whisper of what would later happen across the Globe. The Supra underwent multiple different releases - the MK1 and MK2 were disappointingly average; and the MK3 in 1986 got some serious engine improvements but it also gained a lot of weight (500lbs) so it still struggled for performance.

However - in 1987 Toyota stuck a turbocharger on the engine - producing 230BHP - and Toyota officially adopted the Supra name and rebranded it the Supra Turbo. The speed and integrated rear spoiler suddenly made the Supra very desirable.

In 1992 the MK3 evolved into the infamous MK4 - with the creation of a specifically performance straight-six engine - the 1JZ. By 1993 Toyota has shaved 200lbs off the MK4 and introduced the 2JZ engine - which is unsurprisingly a more powerful version of the 1JZ. The 2JZ is a global legend because it was virtually indestructible. So the Supra ditched it's boxy shape; lost weight; and featured one of the greatest engines ever made. The robust nature of the 2JZ meant that car modifiers with moderate experience could swap out a few parts and crank up the boost - in fact out of all the engines ever made few are easier to modify and tune than the 2JZ.

So ridiculous numbers started pouring in - like 800BHP.

The MK4 looked good; had the best engine; rode comfortably; had amazing brakes; would out-perform an Aston Martin; and was half the cost.

The MK4 becoming the star of Fast and Furious turned an entire generation onto the Japanese performance scene - and was the basis of an entire culture. In all of these situations what makes a car like this become legendary - is that production stopped. So now there are only limited numbers of MK4's in the World - and a mint condition one could easily cost six figures.

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