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Car Track Day Guide

Car Track Day Q&A Guide

What happens at a car track day?

Car track days are a way of enjoying yourself, and testing the speed and handling abilities of your car in a safe, controlled environment away from the public highway.

What sort of car can I take on a track day?

Other than open wheel-based cars, in general, there are no restrictions on the type of car you can take on a track day. On certain events, there may be some restrictions on the type of car, especially if there is a low noise limit so always make sure you read the event details carefully before booking.

Does my car need a valid MOT test certificate for a track day?

Yes if you are driving to the venue! No, if you are not. The car must be of a safe standard with no leaks and runs well but does not need to be 'road legal'. It must at least have working rear lights (or rain light) and seat belts. No single seaters or open wheel-based cars are allowed unless specified on the event info.

Do I need a driving licence?

Yes, and you must take your driving licence with you on the day. However, you can do a junior driving experience without a driving licence.

Will I need a crash helmet?

Yes, Open face helmets are fine unless your car doesn't have a windscreen in which case it must be a closed face helmet. Most events can supply helmets for hire, but check first.

I haven't got any overalls, does that matter?

No, the emphasis is on comfort. It will be a long and tiring day, and no-one will be expected to turn up looking like Jensen Button! Remember that safety and comfort are paramount and although a race circuit by its very nature will bring an element of competitiveness, there are no prizes to be won so a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt will be fine. Arms and legs must be covered at all times, however.

Can I use slick tyres on track?

You can use slick tyres on track days but it is at the discretion of the event organisers. If you are thinking of using slick tyres you will need to contact us before you make a booking to check if the event you are looking to book onto will allow you to use slicks. If you are using slick tyres the car must have either a roll cage or roll bars fitted and we suggest that you only ever use slicks in perfect track day conditions.

Can I hire a track car?

Yes, we have a wide range of specially prepared track cars for you to hire. This must be arranged in advance of the day with us and will involve a deposit.

Do I need to do anything to my car?

Remove or secure all loose articles inside your car, including in the boot. Ensure your indicators and brake lights are in working order. If you have a towing hook, fit it prior to going on circuit. Ensure you have sufficient fuel to complete your session. Ensure there are no fluid leaks. Check fluid levels and tyre pressures. All track days will have a noise limit in which your car must pass before heading out on track if the car fails it will not be permitted on the circuit and there are no refunds given. Some MOT test centres can test this and you can buy devices to help at home. Check out our noise limit guide.

What about all the flags, do I have to learn them?

Don't panic as the marshals have ways of making them understood! Everyone is given a thorough safety briefing in the morning with full explanations. The most frequent ones you will come across can be seen on our track day guide.

Will my standard insurance cover me for car track days?

Probably not, unless you are very lucky. If you damage your pride and joy you are on your own, and although the organisers will have insurance it will only be for Public Liability. You can get a quote for track cover online by clicking on the Insurance link on the home page.

Can I take extra drivers and passengers?

Yes, prices for extra drivers and passengers vary depending on the venue. Please note the minimum age of passengers is 16 and the minimum age of drivers is 18 with a license. Juniors holding an MSA race license can drive but please check before you book.

Do I need instruction?

We all need instruction - if we didn't then we would all be stood on the top step of the podium. Instruction is not compulsory, but it is the best money you will ever spend. You will go faster and safer. You can buy either a short basic session, a half or full day on a 1-2-1 basis.

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