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Typical Track Day Guide

Track Days are for drivers and riders to test the speed and handling abilities of their own vehicles in a safe and controlled environment away from the public roads. They take place all year round on famous Circuits and Airfield Tracks across the UK and Europe, and are suitable for complete novices to professional racers. Car Track Days Guide Bike Track Days Guide Track Day Noise Limits Track Day Venues Track Day Tyres Track Day Insurance

Arrival And Sign On

  • Arrive at the circuit usually between 7.30 - 8:00am.
  • Go to the registration/signing on desk - here you will sign all relevant paperwork and have your driving license (and confirmation document if you have one) checked.
  • You will be given a sticker to display on your vehicle; this will indicate your ability group.
  • After you have registered you will often need to get your vehicle noise tested.
  • You then attend the mandatory driver/rider briefing which normally lasts about 15 - 20 minutes. Here you will be briefed on how the day is going to run, track etiquette, circuit training and any other information relevant to the day


  • YELLOW flag means that there's danger ahead of you so take extra care, don't overtake.
  • RED flag means there's been a serious incident and the sessions have been stopped, so slow down, don't overtake and make your way back to the pits or as directed.
  • YELLOW and RED striped flag means there's debris on the circuit or poor grip so take care.
  • BLUE flag means that another car wants to overtake you.
  • BLACK flag means you have been naughty or there's something wrong, you need to slow and come into the pits asap.


Grouped Format

  • On a typical grouped track day, attendees are split up into 2 or 3 groups according to track experience. Novice, Intermediate and Advanced/ Race Licence holders.
  • You nominate your ability group when booking your track day.
  • The circuit usually opens with the first session at 9:00am with the advanced group for 20 minutes, followed by the intermediate group for 20 minutes and then the novice group for 20 minutes.
  • This rotation will repeat up until 1pm when the circuit closes for lunch. A 1 hour break is taken whilst circuit snack bars and restaurants are open for food and refreshments. Quite often people use this hour to go and refuel their vehicle
  • The circuit re-opens for the first afternoon session after lunch in group order.

Open Pitlane Format

Most car track days are usually run in an Open pit lane format and in most cases give your more track time than a grouped event. All levels of driver/ rider use the track at the same time and with most Open pit lane events you can stay out on track as long as they wish. It is advisable however to give your vehicle and mind a regular break and not stay out for too long. Circuit opening times remain the same as a grouped event. When booking an open pitlane track day we may still require to know your ability level.

Ability Levels for Motorcycle Track Days

Novice ability groups suit riders who are doing a track day for the first time or have only partaken in one or two events. The Novice group will usually go out first behind an instructor, pace rider on sighting laps. This helps riders get a feel for the layout and best riding line of the track and also become comfortable in surroundings not common with riding on roads.

Intermediate ability groups are suitable for riders who have prior experience with a Circuit or who are much quicker that riders in the Novice group. The intermediate group bridges the gap between Novice and Advanced ability riders so you are sure to find varying degrees of experience/ speed in a typical intermediate group.

Advanced ability groups are only suited to riders who are fast and experienced. Many of the riders in this group will hold racing licences and will be using the event to get some track time prior to a race. The track day rules still apply to this group however as 'racing' is not permitted on a track day.

Ability Levels for Car Track Days

As most car track days are open pitlane format they are suitable for any ability. However, there are some exceptions so if you are asked about your ability when booking please answer honestly. Some events will only be suitable for experienced track day drivers.

Circuit Guides

If you would like to read up on the next Circuit you plan to visit then we have a selection of Car, Motorcycle and Euro Circuit Guides available to buy in our store.

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