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Most annoying driving habits on the road

Most annoying driving habits on the road - News

Recent studies have shown that typically both men and women tend to be less considerate, less patient, more aggressive and all round meaner people "when driving" than in any other situation that involves person to person interaction.

The people with big brains put this down to a lack of eye contact, and the insular environment of the car that creates a cocoon of safety and bravery a bit like writing an aggravated email. Driving a vehicle puts people in the position of being able to let off more steam than usual and have less interest in others needs – safe in the knowledge that any repercussion from their actions will be extremely limited compared to if they were face to face.

Here are the Top Ten most annoying driving habits we regularly come across on the road. In reverse order:

10) Sitting in stationary traffic with the foot brake on – dazzling the driver behind.

9) Unbelievably slow drivers.

8) Drivers that don’t indicate exiting busy roundabouts – making others wait longer to enter than needed.

7) Drivers that pass a long queue of traffic and then try to push in close to the front, thinking they are special – plus the people that let them in.

6) Bad parking – using more space than needed.

5) Drivers in traffic not thinking and blocking junctions.

4) Not noticing or getting out the way of the emergency services.

3) Forgetting to turn down "full beam" lights for oncoming traffic.

2) Lorry drivers taking forever to overtake.

1) People that don’t keep left on motorways and lane hog, slowing down those behind.

Of course, when our tolerance levels are low and we are in our insular state, the list of annoyances are endless. Take a deep breath – there are more important things in life, but if you think it warrants it use your horn or a little flash of the lights – don’t let them get away with it. The good news is none of these troubles appear doing a track day on a race track or during Supercar driving experiences. Give them a go and feel better.

23 January 2013

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