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Top experiences for £100

Top experiences for £100 - News

Ok, so you want to do something fun or get a great present for someone and the most you can get together is £100. Here are some hand picked experiences that will put smile on your face as well as theirs!

All of these experiences are under £100 and many are well under. These are great activities and there is something for everyone. Many are for two people and all can be purchased as ten month gift vouchers so you don’t even need to worry about organising a date for them – dead simple.

There are quite a few so lets get going….

Rally driving is great value. The bills for running Supercars is massive compared to rally cars so you can get more driving time for your money. This one is gripping the wheel of a high powered a Subaru in Northamptonshire for just £69.

If you haven’t got the big budget needed to jump out of planes for real then Indoor Skydiving is a great giggle. There are several great value offers but this one is the entry level experience for £49.

If you have a bit of a hooligan inside wanting to get out and let rip then Drifting will make you feel better. There are various locations for some sideways tyre smoking action and this 2 hour drift experience for £99 takes place at the Mecca of power and speed – Santa Pod.

Flying a plane is typically the preserve for those with a "fair wedge" in the back pocket. But we have Flying Lessons available across the country for less than £100 or if you like the wind in your hair then try this scary Microlight experience.

Supercar driving experiences are superb and has everything you could want. There are a plethora of packages under £100 but a the ones that shine at the moment are a couple of 2 for 1 offers. One for juniors in Leicestershire and another for adults in Staffordshire.

If a 500BHP Supercar isn't far enough down the adrenalin seeking route for you then hang (fall) off a cliff with a Coasteering experience or get your arm stuck in a rock like the film with some Canyoning in Scotland for £53.

Tank driving is fun and if you are regularly stuck in a daily slog back and forth to work its a good way of venting your frustrations. There are all sorts of military vehicles you can have a go at and they are all heavy duty! We have a nice Dads and Lads tank driving for £109.

If you fancy being dazed, confused and disorientated you can either drive round central London for a morning or a better idea would be to strap into a giant inflatable ball and get pushed down a steep hill at up to 30mph in a Zorb for £49.

We have a load of water based experiences…. Flyboarding is the latest craze from £55. Windsurfing from £50, Scuba diving from only £22 or blast through and over the waves in a power boat experience from £49.

Finally after all that crazy fun we have some experiences to help you recover with Spa days which start from a very relaxing £15.

12 December 2013

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