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The Perfect IRB Rugby World Cup 2023 Trackday Squad List - News

Get ready for a turbocharged ride through the world of rugby and automobiles! As we all gear up for the IRB Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, we've decided to add a dash of horsepower into the ruck with this blog.

Join us as we look through our available roster and name the perfect automotive squad which we feel would take us to rugby World Cup glory in France. From scrums to speedsters, tackles to turbochargers, let's dive head on into the list...

  • Prop - Tank:

When it comes to the front line, props are the immovable objects of the rugby world. And what's more immovable than a tank? We fully expect our tanks to bulldoze through challenges, and keep on going to help set up the platform for the rest of the team's success.

  • Hooker - Monster Truck:

What has the similar power to a tank, but just that little bit of extra handling ability? The monster truck of course! With the ability to expertly navigate tight spaces, hit obstacles time, and time again, while still keeping its composure under technically demanding scenarios, we couldn't look much further than this fan favourite. It's all about balance, coordination, and a touch of craziness!

  • Second Row - Articulated Lorry:

Second row players form the backbone of the scrum, just as articulated lorries carry the weight of the road. With their robust frames and the ability to haul enormous loads, both second rows and lorries know how to handle the heavy-duty business required in the pack.

  • Flanker - Mustang:

A flanker's role is to disrupt, dazzle and destroy those put in their way, and what better car to do that than the Mustang! With its sleek design and powerful roaring engine, a little bit of American muscle charging around the field and getting involved in everything it can is just what we felt this team needed.

  • Number 8 - Land Rover Defender:

Number 8s are the utility players of rugby, and the Land Rover Defender is the Swiss Army knife of cars. Equipped to handle any situation, whether it's barrelling through the mud or pushing the team forward, a Defender offers that solid base which will battle on throughout the match.

  • Scrum Half - Ariel Atom:

We felt a little spoiled here when looking at the depth in our garage. Scrum halves are the nimble minds of the team, making split-second decisions under intense pressure. Therefore, enter the Ariel Atom, a car stripped down to its essentials, ready to zig and zag like a scrum half evading tackles. Quick, agile, and full of surprises!

  • Fly Half - Aston Martin:

Fly halves orchestrate the game, and we picked Aston Martin and its cars due to their commanding nature out on the road. Aston Martins are elegant, refined, and masters of precision, while still offering the depth of tricks required to unlock the opposition.

  • Inside Centre - Rally Car:

Just as inside centres navigate the middle ground, rally cars conquer various terrains and we have decided to offer either the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Evo. With their all-wheel-drive prowess and a knack for handling the unexpected, Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo rally cars offer that raw power and stamina required to break the gain line.

  • Outside Centre - Audi R8:

When it's time to make a statement, you look to your outside centres to help get you over the line with a combination of pace and power. Hello, Audi R8. With their flashy style and electrifying speed, they're sure to break through tackles with finesse and flair, both scoring and assisting for their teammates.

  • Winger - Nissan GTR:

The modern-day wingers are not just all about speed anymore. They must now be more willing to get physically involved, and we felt the Nissan GTR offers the perfect balance. While still offering the velocity required off the mark, the turbocharged GTR also has that aggressive grunt about it which will leave competitors and rivals fearing to take them on out wide.

  • Fullback - Dodge Viper:

A fullback's job is to cover the field and provide a last line of defence, just like a Dodge Viper prowling the asphalt. With its aggressive stance and lightning-fast reflexes, the Viper protects the road like a true guardian, while still offering the threat of a counterattack if the opponents naively drop their guard.

The IRB Rugby World Cup 2023 in France promises excitement and thrills, just like our automotive dream team. To get behind the wheel of one of your dream cars, visit to browse our complete selection of Driving Experiences we have available to book from dates on our Events Calendar or through purchase of our Gift Vouchers.

The Perfect IRB Rugby World Cup 2023 Trackday Squad List
08 September 2023

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