The Best Of Trackdays 2017: Driving Experiences

The Best Of Trackdays 2017: Driving Experiences - News

The New Year is fast approaching and soon 2017 will be a distant memory. But some things are worth remembering, which is why we're looking back and showcasing our biggest and best driving experiences offers from the past year.

1 - Learn to Drift Half Day | was £199, now just £59

Everyone wants to learn to drift, right? It looks awesome, and it could actually be useful in real life situations (honestly). One of our best sellers through 2017, you too can learn to drift for an amazing £59, saving you a massive 70%!

2 - Supercar Treble Taster | was £129, now just £79

This bargain driving experience gets you 9 miles driving (3 miles in each car) in not just one, or even two, but THREE supercars for just £79 so it's easy to see why this one has been flying off the shelves this past year.

3 - Junior Supercar Platinum | was £99, now just £89

A favourite with the younger petrol heads among us, the junior supercar platinum experience gives 11-17-year-olds the chance to get behind the wheel of a number of one of our platinum supercars, which includes the likes of a Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560, McLaren MP4 12C and more.

4 - MK1 Escort RS Experience | was £99, now just £39

Nostalgia reigns supreme which is why car lovers can't get enough of this Ford MK1 Escort experience, although the fact that there's 61% off the original price has also helped cement this experience as a best seller in 2017.

5 - Renault Formula Thrill | was £149, now just £75

Everyone at some point in their childhood dreamed of being a racing driver, right? With the Formula Renault experience, that dream can become reality, even if it is just for the day, which is exactly why it's included in our Best of 2017.

6 - Nissan GT-R R35 Experience | was £99, now just £39

The almost legendary history of the Nissan GT-R alone is enough to push this experience up their with the best of the best, but combined with its amazing value for money it's a dead cert. £39 for 3 laps at your choice of great venues really can't be argued with.

7 - Supercar 5 Blast | was £209, now just £119

With almost half-off, this 15-mile driving experience gives thrill-seekers the chance to drive 5 different supercars from marquee brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche. There aren't many places you'd be able to have a go in 5 supercars in one day, which is why it's in our top experiences of the year.

8 - Supercar Track Day Platinum | was £230, now just £129

With the supercar track day platinum package, you'll get behind the wheel of a supercar and also enjoy a passenger ride in the ridiculously quick Radical SR3, driven by an also ridiculously quick former Radical Champion. All for £129, saving you 44%.

28 December 2017

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