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Reading recommendations on World Book Day

Reading recommendations on World Book Day - News

Being a car nut in 2022 is great. The internet means we have an abundance of blogs, reviews, articles, social channels and websites written by people just as passionate about cars as us right at our fingertips.

Having said this, there's nothing quite like a good book – especially about cars! The act of turning the crisp pages, the glorious printed images, and if you've bought second hand there's always the smell of an old book.

So, to celebrate World Book Day (who says it's just for kids?), we at have decided to share some of our favourite automotive books.

The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars

Written by the award-winning historian, author and photographer - Dennis Alder – this book takes you on a journey of the 100 greatest cars ever built, featuring stunning images and a unique insight into what makes each model so special.

But this book isn't the opinion of just one man. Indeed, Alder considered the views and opinions of the world's leading automotive designers, collectors and authorities.

We won't ruin it by saying who topped the list, but many of the cars featured on our Classic Car Experiences make the cut. We - and we dare say Mr Alder - have great taste!

Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine

Ferrari means red. It means racing. Excellence, luxury, and performance. Lesser known however is the man behind the brand – Enzo Ferrari.

This excellent biography by Brock Yates aims to uncover the truth behind this enigmatic man, answering the questions: How did he become the most revered man in Italy? What drove his obsession with speed? And what was the truth behind his controversial relationship with Benito Mussolini?

If you indeed go on to purchase this book and are inspired by the Enzo Ferrari story, check out our grid row of Ferrari Driving Experiences.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ian Fleming only wrote one children's book, but it became one of the best loved in Britain and beyond and went on to inspire an iconic film with a script by Fleming's friend, no other than Roald Dahl.

The book tells the story of inventor, Caractacus Potts, transforming an old Grand Prix car into a magical flying vehicle that transports him and his family to a kingdom ruled by the evil Baron Bomhurst.

Did you know that Chitty was actually written as three standalone adventures, based on bedtime stories Fleming told his son, Caspar? Sadly, the first of these was published just two months after Fleming's untimely death.

High Performance

This marvellous book by Peter Grimsdale chronicles the story of the British pioneers who went on to create the finest automobiles the world has seen post World War Two.

For our money, High Performance is the best book you will ever read about the glory years of British racing car design, perfectly exploring the nostalgia, superb car design and reckless design that made British cars from this era so great.

If you're inspired by any of the above books, check out our range of Driving Experiences which are available in locations across the UK here on TrackDays.

02 March 2022

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