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Prepare your car for your first track day

Prepare your car for your first track day - News

Taking your car on one of our own Car Track Days is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating experiences that any adrenaline junkie or petrol head can undergo. The sensation of speed, smell of burning rubber and anticipation before you get behind the wheel are things first time trackers never forget.

However, amid the excitement, there are also lots of questions – the most common of which being: "Do I need to make any modifications to my car to take part?".

The short answer is no. However, for those who wish to get the most out of their vehicle, there are several simple modifications that can be made.


The cornerstone of car modification for track days is optimised suspension, as this helps to keep the car stable at speed and hopefully bring lap times down. So if you want to invest, suspension is an ideal first upgrade.

Contrary to the requirements of a road car, where a compromise between comfort and performance is required, for track comfort goes out of the window as the role of your suspension is to keep all four tyres in optimum contact with the tarmac.

The most common track suspension is the Coilover, which combines the gas strut (shock absorber) and coil spring, while also offering more adjustability and control, helping to keep the car stable at speed and through the corners.


The heat produced by your brakes during normal road use can be immense! Don't believe us? Just hold your hand next to the front wheels the next time you park up and feel the heat radiating from the discs.

And as you can imagine, the heat generated from hard braking as you turn into corners on a racetrack is even higher.

Therefore, we recommend upgrading your brake pads before embarking on a track day, or at least checking to ensure they are no more than 25% worn.


Track-grip tyres are also preferable as they offer more adherence compared to standard road tyres. However, the only downside of these is that they are made of softer rubber.

What this means is that they are likely to wear out more quickly, so weighing up a cost-effective option is recommended best practice here.

Noise Limits

When you think of racing, your mind probably recalls roaring engines and fruity exhausts. However, it's important to note that racetracks have their own respective noise limits to comply with noise pollution regulations.

So, if you decide to make any major modifications to your vehicle, make sure you check whether the changes will exceed any local limits.

In Conclusion

So, now you have the lowdown on just some of the possible initial modifications to make your car a track weapon.

It's also important to note here that if you're a Novice to Car Track Days, it's best to make each modification one at a time - it can take a while to find what works best for your vehicle so don't be afraid of a bit of trial and error whilst you discover how to get the most out of your machine.

But remember, extracting a car's full potential means it won't be possible without a skilled driver behind it – so be sure to bring your A-game. We'll see you out on the track!

Visit our Novice Car Track Days page today, which lists all of our upcoming event dates for Novice track drivers at UK circuits and venues. Book directly onto a date of your choice or purchase one of our open Gift Vouchers!

01 February 2022

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