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Lotus Cars: 75 Years Of Driving Performance And Passion - News

Lotus Cars is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2023. And at, we felt it was time to look back at some of the iconic cars the British sports car manufacturer has released to the world.

For 75 years, Lotus has been at the forefront of automotive engineering and design, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible on both the track and the road.

Its founder, Colin Chapman was arguably one of the greatest automotive engineers to grace our planet, and it was through his innovative approach to engineering that Lotus produced a host of superb cars for us all to admire.

Lotus' full list is extensive, so we have whittled it down to five cars, spread out over the manufacturer's 75 years to showcase the essential spirit of the Lotus brand. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did writing it!

  • Elan S1 – 1962

First introduced in 1962, the Elan S1 was a triumph of lightness and agility, with a featherweight fibreglass body and a sophisticated suspension system that provided incredible handling and precision on the road.

The Elan S1's classic silhouette and minimalist interior were both revolutionary at the time, and its design influenced countless sports cars that followed in its wake.

Its wider significance lies not only in its own exceptional performance and design, but also in the way it shaped Lotus' approach to sports car engineering and inspired the company's many subsequent successes on the racetrack and the road.

  • Esprit S1 – 1975

The Lotus Esprit S1 is an iconic sports car that became famous not only for its performance and handling but also for its prominent role in popular culture.

The Esprit's S1's sleek, wedge-shaped design and powerful engine made it a dream car for auto enthusiasts of the 1970s, and its appearance in James Bond's 10th outing, 'The Spy Who Loved Me', only further endeared it to the wider public, especially with its gadgets making it amphibious. Elon Musk was so enamoured with the car from the movie that he purchased it for a cool $997,000 in 2013.

Despite its fame as a pop culture icon, the Esprit S1 was also an incredibly capable sports car, with exceptional handling and a top speed of over 140 mph. Its racing-inspired suspension and brakes made it a formidable competitor on the track, while its nimble handling and responsive steering created a drive perfect for winding roads.

Today, the Esprit S1 remains a beloved classic sports car that continues to capture the hearts of petrol-heads.

  • Elise GT1 – 1997

The Lotus Elise GT1 was a race car that inspired the development of the road-going Elise, which would eventually become one of Lotus' most successful models with just over 35,000 of them produced during its 25 year run.

Based on the iconic Esprit, The Elise GT1 was designed for endurance racing and featured a carbon fibre chassis and bodywork, making it exceptionally lightweight and agile on the track.

The racing pedigree and advanced technology of the Elise GT allowed it to be a tenacious and aggressive competitor in the GT1 class.

  • Evora GT – 2010

The Lotus Evora GT is a stunning sports car that combines exquisite design with exceptional performance. The car's aerodynamic body features sleek lines and sharp angles, emphasising its aggressive nature and enhancing its performance on the road.

The Evora GT's interior is equally impressive, with a minimalist design and luxurious finishes that create a sense of elegance and refinement.

Overall, the car was received very well by the press – with many journalists highlighting its exceptional balance, precision and acceleration. One journalist labelled the Evora GT as 'an extension of the driver, and not just a machine that's being driven.'

The design and performance of the Evora GT made it a standout car in the competitive sports car market, demonstrating Lotus' ongoing commitment to excellence.

  • Evija – 2019

The Evija was a landmark achievement for the British sports car manufacturer. Powered by four electric motors that produce a combined output of 1,970 horsepower(!), making it one of the most powerful production cars ever built.

The Evija's acceleration is simply breath-taking, with a 0 - 60 mph time of under three seconds. Its powertrain is also highly efficient, with a range of over 250 miles on a single charge.

This car, however, is more than just a demonstration of technological prowess, it is a sign of Lotus' future direction, as the company plans to focus on electric and hybrid powertrains in the years ahead.

And what a powerful statement this car is and long may Lotus continue to bring such delights to our roads!

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Lotus Cars: 75 Years Of Driving Performance And Passion
14 March 2023

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