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Motorcycle Track Day Guide

Everything you need to know plus most commonly asked questions regarding Own Motorcycle or Own Motorbike Track Days can be found in our handy guide below.

Motorcycle Track Day Q&A Guide

Which race circuits do you use? use every major race circuit in the UK. Click on ''Circuits'' above to view the full list.

How often do you hold motorbike track days?

Bike track days are normally held during the week with the occasional weekend date. Weekends are usually taken up with racing.

What do I wear on a bike track day?

All riders must provide their own helmet, boots, gloves and motorcycle leathers (a minimum of 2-piece zip-together where the zip is 360 degrees around the waist). All clothing must be free from holes and splits. ***NEW FOR 2022*** All riders will require a full length back protector for all UK Bike Track Days.

Does my bike require front brake lever guards?

If you are attending a bike track day at our Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Donington Park or Bedford Autodrome venues, then as of January 2021 your bike will be required to be fitted with front brake lever guards. Any bikes that do not have these installed will not be permitted onto the track.

What are front brake lever guards and where can I find them?

Front brake lever guards are installed on the levers, and are designed primarily to ensure safety by preventing the accidental engagement of the front brake lever during close riding, whether this is by accidental contact with another bike or another rider. They can be easily found and purchased from many online outlets or specialist bike shops, although we are currently working to make these available for purchase here on TrackDays in the near future.

How long will I get on track?

Typically six or seven twenty minute sessions out on the track. There are normally three groups; novice, intermediate and advance on rotation every hour. Please see the ''track day guide'' for more detailed information on different formats of the day. The circuit is open for track use from 9:00 am through to 5:00 pm with a break of 1 hour normally at 1:00 pm. Some circuit start and finish times do vary depending on the time of year.

Do I have to be fast?

Not at all. Riders are split into three groups according to their ability. This is not a race, just a great opportunity to ride around and have fun.

How many riders will be on track at any one time?

Again this depends on the circuit. There is a legal maximum number of bikes out on the track. Most organisers will not run at this maximum number because it doesn't leave any room for movement i.e. if a rider wanted to move from the novice into the intermediate and the intermediate group is full the rider can't change, so there are normally a few slots left available in each group.

Is fuel available at the circuit?

Most circuits have petrol pumps. Depending on the track day organiser and the circuit they might be opened for one hour at lunch. If not there is a petrol station local to every circuit in the UK, a five-minute ride at lunchtime and you''re ready for the afternoon sessions.

Do I need motorcycle track day insurance?

It's not compulsory but it might be worthwhile considering. A day certificate can be arranged and will cover the major damage. Your current road insurance policy probably won't cover you on track. Please see the Insurance page.

How much does a motorbike track day cost?

Again it all depends on the circuit you wish to visit. A famous circuit like Silverstone GP will cost a lot more than Lydden Hill. But all the race tracks are amazing fun to ride and everybody has a different favourite!

Can I get tuition?

Tuition is usually free for a session or two.

Is my bike allowed? Do I need a licence?

Any motorbike is allowed as long as it is in a track worthy condition. You must hold and take with you on the day, a fully unrestricted motorcycle licence or a current ACU licence and be over 18.

Is my bike too loud?

The noise 'limit' will be listed clearly for each event. Exhaust baffles are widely available if needed and easy to fit.

Do I have to use my bike?

Most people use their own bikes. We can provide track bikes for hire that are perfect for this environment.

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