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The Ultimate Euro 2024 Cars Squad - News

Euro 2024 is finally here! While many offices may start drawing up their own sweepstakes, we love to sit back and debate which cars would be perfectly suited for each position on the pitch.

After many heated conversations, we finally settled on a final XI but decided to also include a substitute bench to demonstrate which would complement the starting team. Remember, a cohesive, winning team cannot be full of superstars – you have to get the balance just right. We think we're pretty close!

Starting XI:

  • Goalkeeper: Volvo XC90 (Sweden)

Known for its safety features and reliability, the Swedish-manufactured Volvo XC90 is the perfect choice between the sticks. Its robust construction and advanced safety systems help breathe confidence in the defence as they know it won't let them down when called upon.

  • Right back: Volkswagen Golf GTI (Germany)

The German-made Golf GTI is nimble, practical, and offers exceptional handling, making it an ideal choice for the right-back position. Its agility allows it to defend effectively while contributing to the attack with its speed and manoeuvrability.

  • Left back: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (Italy)

Offering agile handling and precise control, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is an ideal choice for the left-back position. Its sleek design and dynamic performance allow it to defend the left flank effectively, intercepting passes and thwarting attacks with finesse. We likened it to Fabio Grosso of the successful 2006 squad.

  • Centre half: Mercedes-Benz G-Class (Germany)

Germany has produced some of the best defenders in the past. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, offers Germany's combination of luxury and ruggedness, making it an excellent choice for the centre-back position. Its sturdy construction and advanced features provide a solid presence in the heart of the defence.

  • Centre half: Land Rover Defender (United Kingdom)

Although it may be susceptible to injury, the Land Rover Defender, hailing from the United Kingdom, is renowned for its off-road capabilities and durability. We felt that alongside the G-Class, the Defender gives you that no-nonsense, you see what you get ability, with a car not afraid to put its head where it hurts.

  • Right winger: Ferrari 488 GTB (Italy)

Italian-made Ferrari 488 GTB brings speed, precision, and flair to the right midfield position. Although it may lack in defensive capabilities, we felt that with the Golf behind it, it allows for the 488 to attack more often and would force its opposition constantly on the back foot in fear of being caught out. The 488 is also most likely to turn up with a Louis Vuitton wash bag and immaculately gelled hair.

  • Centre midfielder: Audi RS6 Avant (Germany)

The Audi RS6 Avant offers that box-to-box midfielder you need to get up and around the pitch all game long. Its powerful engine and all-wheel-drive system allow it to control the midfield, dictating the tempo. The RS6 also has that explosive power required to get stuck in.

  • Centre midfielder: Porsche 911 (Germany)

OK, hear us out here… We opted for the Porsche 911, manufactured in Germany, as a wild card in midfield. Such was the power of the RS6 we felt a luxury midfielder could fit in quite well, and the Porsche 911 fit the bill for us. Although a little light-weight, we felt that it has been an ever-present star that you know could pull out a surprise when required. A quick burst of speed could quickly be important on the counter-attack.

  • Left winger: Rimac C_Two (Croatia)

Speed, speed, and more speed on the left. The Croatian-made Rimac C_Two boasts the electrifying acceleration and cutting-edge technology a modern winger brings. With its blistering speed and futuristic design, we felt it would petrify defenders, albeit potentially leaving us exposed on the left flank.

  • Striker: Lamborghini Aventador (Italy)

Italian-made Lamborghini Aventador combines raw power with striking design, making it the perfect choice to lead the attack. Its acceleration and agility would terrorise defenders, while its flair and finesse in front of goal make it a lethal striker.

  • Striker: Porsche GT3- RS (Germany)

Finally, the Porsche GT3-RS is the Aventador's strike partner. Probably one of the most popular cars right now, we felt the energy, speed and robustness of the GT3-RS means it would work well alongside the Aventador. Probably less likely to score goals but most likely to be one of the most revered members of the squad due to how distracting it would be for defenders, opening the space for the others to capitalise on.

The Final Whistle

And there you have it - the ultimate European car football team. We're putting our money on England to bring football home this year, (well, at least we can hope!). Why not assemble your own Fantasy Euro Car squad today and visit our Supercar Selector page to start building your very own dream team for an unforgettable Supercar Driving Experience that'll make you feel like you've hit the back of the net!

The Ultimate Euro 2024 Cars Squad
17 June 2024

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