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Stay on the straight and narrow this winter

Stay on the straight and narrow this winter - News

Snow is a top cause of car accidents and with predictions of more severe winters in the years ahead, Brits need to be prepared for driving in harsher conditions.

To help the UK’s motorists, we've prepared a winter driving survival guide.

Points include how to tackle going up and down a road on a hill covered in snow, one of the wintry driving conditions most feared by motorists.

Dan Jones, operations manager, said: "Snow and ice are the most dangerous driving conditions that UK drivers face, but most have no idea how to handle it.

"Brits need to face the fact that severe winters are likely to be more common due to climate change, so knowing how to drive in these precarious conditions could be a life saver."

And according to figures, it would appear that some drivers are becoming prepared as figures show about a 30 per cent increase in bookings over the winter months for off-road, skid pan and similar experiences, compared to the summer months.

To help motorists, we're advising drivers of some of the main things to remember when driving in snow:

  1. If driving up a hill, then make sure there’s plenty of room with the vehicle in front and keep a steady speed.
  2. If going down a hill, then again make sure there’s plenty of room with the vehicle in front and try and avoid braking unless necessary.
  3. Try and be a ‘smooth operator’, making sure to change gear and accelerate as smoothly as possible.
  4. Make sure your footwear is dry to maintain the best possible grip on foot pedals.
  5. It might be cold outside but turning up the car heater to max can make you drowsy, so make sure the vehicle has plenty of ventilation.
  6. Braking should be done gently as this will help to stop the wheels from locking.
  7. Corners present even more risk. Keep to a slow speed and steer gently and steadily to reduce the risk of skidding.
  8. Pay attention to road signs as the information they provide is actually useful.
  9. Using the highest gear possible for the appropriate speed can help avoid wheel spin.
  10. Forget driving at all and stay at home unless the journey is absolutely necessary!

Dan added: "If some forecasters are correct, then the UK will soon be battered by even worse conditions than normal this winter. Should this be the case drivers need to learn what to do, and quickly."

12 December 2018

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