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Motorcycle Theft Continues To Rise

Motorcycle Theft Continues To Rise - News

Motorcycle theft is on the rise again and it's continuing to rise.

We need to raise awareness and stop this theft at the source of this crime. Opportunism. Most bikes stolen are opportunistic thefts and if your pride and joy is seen as an "easy target" then thieves will do everything they can to get away with your bike. We know not all thefts are opportunistic as a growing number of Motorcycle theft Gangs are operating and stealing bikes to order. These are professional thieves and the best way to minimize this risk is appropriate security.

Bike sales have been dropping but theft is continuing to rise which is a concerning situation. On average 70 bikes are stolen per day. which is around 500 per week. Its also estimated this value is between £213k-£400k a day. That is a lot more than you would expect right?

How can you minimize this risk of theft?

Alarms and security: Fit a high-quality alarm and tracking combination. The likelihood of deterrent and recovery is significantly higher. Such as the tracking devices from Datatool Trakker Systems.

Ground Anchors with heavy-duty Thatcham approved chains and padlocks.

Alarm your garage or back gate if your bike can live in your garden./shed. A loud high pitched siren to alert you if your bike gets moved.

Speak to your neighbours, tell them your pride and joy is alarmed and let them hear what the alarm sounds like. Everyone ignores alarms now but if you talk to your neighbours and let them know what it sounds like, if that alarm goes off they will be more likely to report it.

If a thief is determined to steal your bike, then they will, however, you can make it as hard as possible and make it a much higher risk for them. Organised gangs are now roaming looking for vehicles to steal. Make your bike seem like too much effort!

23 May 2014

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