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Four epic ‘No License Needed’ driving experiences - News

One of the most common questions we get here at Trackdays is “Can I participate in a driving experience if I don’t have a license?”. The simple answer is: absolutely you can! We have a wide selection of products that allow you to not only jump behind the wheel of some extremely powerful supercars, but we also have other exhilarating experiences that don’t require a license and provide a serious dose of entertainment!

Alongside this, we even have driving experiences that help Junior Drivers from the age of 11 learn to drive. We’re dedicated to providing driving days to as many people as possible, so if you’ve only got your provisional license or have a youngster that’s not quite ready to start full time lessons, we still have the experience for you! So without a further ado, let’s get into four of our most epic no license needed driving experiences…

  • Junior Driving Experiences

So, first on the list and one of our more popular options on the website is our massive selection of Junior Driving Experiences. We’re fully aware that the prospect of driving a supercar is extremely exciting for almost every adult, but in our experience, that excitement is electrified in the youngsters. The fact their first driving experience could be behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or another luxury brand is quite frankly unimaginable.

And why leave it at one car?! Why not let your youngster jump behind the wheel of up to 6 cars! That’s all available here at Trackdays and is guaranteed to provide a unique day out that will never be forgotten. Our Junior Triple Supercar Thrill is one of our bestsellers and for good reason. With 14 locations nationwide on the thrill it means no matter where you live there’s something for everyone! Alternatively, use our map to decipher your nearest track or circuit to see what experiences are available, but promise we’ll be able to find something within a short driving distance for you!

So, with this in mind, waste no time and book your youngster A no license needed junior driving experience today!

  • High Speed Passenger Ride

Now although you’re not behind the wheel for this experience, it provides an adrenaline rush like no other. Sitting beside a professional driver who has trained extensively in the supercar of your choice as they burst round the track at speeds you didn’t think imaginable. The power and handling of these incredible vehicles are truly mesmerizing and there truly is no way of experiencing full power without a high speed passenger ride.

Whether you’re a Ferrari fanatic, Lamborghini lover or Formula 1 Fan, we have a massive selection of supercars all across the UK, making this experience perfect for those without a license as there will be a location nearby! Check out our Formula 1 High Speed Passenger ride here.

We also have a large selection of bookable dates with this experience meaning if you know the date you want to jump inside the car for the thrill of a lifetime, then you can book directly and secure your place! Alternatively if you’re purchasing for someone else, you can still grab one of our open date vouchers as well. But don’t wait, as these experiences provide the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster without needing to wait in line!

  • Young Driver Training

If you have a youngster that’s passionate about all things driving, then this learn to drive experience could be the perfect gift for them. With over 100 locations around the UK, this young driver experience will have your child learning the fundamentals of how to drive as they are taken around a purpose built circuit designed to emulate real road conditions. You can opt for either a 30 minute or 60 minute lesson depending on how much time you want in the vehicle as well.

These experiences are proven to not only provide an enormous amount of fun, but they also contribute to helping to improve driving test pass times and have shown statistics that they create safer drivers on the roads. This really is a no brainer - get your child booked onto one of these experiences and reap the rewards in the future. They’ll be guaranteed to walk away with a smile on their face at the end of this unique day out!

Again, with Young Driver, you can either opt to book onto a direct date if you know when is going to be available, or alternatively you can opt for an open date gift voucher ready to redeem whenever suits you. Either way, the first driving experience for many is not only life changing but memorable as well. So be the one to gift that memory today and purchase this epic no license needed learn to drive package.

  • Go Karting

Go Karting truly might be one of the most enthralling and fun experiences we have on our website. The nature of the day and simplicity of the vehicles means that this is an exciting day out for people of all ages! Whether you’re a family and want to have some healthy competition, a few mates on a stag do looking for days entertainment or even a business looking to encourage team bonding, Go Karting is the ultimate experience for all of the above.

Those that have passed their driving tests will agree, Go Karting is another level of entertainment! The Karts close proximity to the ground mixed with it’s lightweight frame makes these machines extremely fun and really give you a completely different driving experience than anything else we have on our website! There’s also a variety of different karting type options as well.

You can either opt for a grand prix type event such as the Group Kart Grand Prix where you’ll take part in heats before going for the main championships, or alternatively you can opt for a number of laps type event. The latter will just encompass driving around for either a set time or a certain amount of laps around the track. Both of these track times and pit you against the other drivers on the circuit so there is still an element of fun competition involved, but the Grand Prix is a real barnstormer when it comes to building excitement and nerves before the main event!

Either way, we have a large selection of karting locations, so if you’re looking for an unforgettable day out with the friends, family or colleagues, look no further than a Track Day Karting experience.

Four epic ‘No License Needed’ driving experiences
21 January 2021

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