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Ezee Loader Review: We take a look at Hitchlugger’s motorcycle wheel chock

16 April 2018

Being in the track day business, we’ve seen it all when it comes to motorcycle wheel chock and transportation systems, from DIY strapping attempts that look like something you’d see on the Crystal Maze, to professional fabricated solutions in a variety of sizes - some good, and some not so good. The Hitchlugger Ezee Loader falls firmly into the former category.

We came to hear of the Ezee Loader after it was recommended to us by a regular customer, who’d spent a good number of years and a decent amount of money looking for a solution to his motorcycle shaped transportation problem, now he won’t use anything else, and neither will we.

Here’s what we thought of the Hitchlugger Ezee Loader

The free-standing Hitchlugger, unlike some of the other wheel chocks on offer, is more than just a glorified bike stand. The Ezee Loader is beautifully simplistic and straightforward to use. Comprised of heavy duty steel tubing and an easy to use strap system, the Ezee Loader secures bikes like a dream and takes seconds to learn how to operate.

The full-size option is fully adjustable to fit any size bike with any wheel size. It has a locking system that secures the front and rear wheel to keep your bike upright, stable, and most importantly damage free during its journey. To load your bike you simply push your pride and joy into the wheel chock stand at the front, tighten straps and you’re secured and ready to go.

Unlike some trailer only chocks, the Ezee Loader can be used in virtually any van, truck or even motorhome. It has a unique mounting system that attaches to mounting points using a bespoke bar that is available separately on request. This means that drilling into the bed of your van or using a web of bungee straps to secure your bike will become a thing of the past. It's simple, fast and effective.

To provide all of that stability, the Ezee Loader is pretty beefy. Weighing in at just under 30 kilos and measuring 2.5 metres in length, 60 centimetres in width and 40 centimetres high. But the build feels quality, like it was built to last, and can be separated into two pieces for easier storage.

Another great feature of the Ezee Loader is that it’s fully customisable. With different colour frame, strap and end cap colours all available. So for those of you who want it to match your bike perfectly, this is the product for you.

All in all the Hitchlugger Ezee Loader is a great bit of kit and outperforms all alternatives currently available. Simple design, build quality and the ability to customise to your heart's content makes it a really great product. But it's the superb way it does the job it was built to do that makes it a really excellent product.

For transporting your bike to and from track days, the Hitchlugger Ezee Loader gets the Trackdays seal of approval.

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