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Supercar Driving in Northamptonshire - Northamptonshire has the bragging rights to two of the best Circuits in the Country, Rockingham and Silverstone where you can drive some of the best Supercars. No other County can boast that it has better venues than Northamptonshire. How about doing a Single Seater Experience around Silverstone the home of British Motorsports? Not only do you get the chance to drive fantastic supercars but you also to grace the same tarmac as motoring legends like Jackie Stewart, Sterling Moss and the great Michael Schumacher. Or, why not try your hand in a Lamborghini around the newly revamped Rockingham Circuit, which claims to be the fastest track in the UK.

Rally Driving in Northamptonshire - If supercar driving is not your thing why not try something which gives you the chance to thrash around the legendary Ford Escort MK2 Rally Car or the muscle-bound Subaru Impreza. With a Rally Driving Experience you will learn such skills as handbrake turns, powerslides and Scandinavian flicks all done on a purposely built gravel stage. Also on offer are full and half days and an amazing night rally event that will leave you wanting more. Just remember you are not Ken Block so no powersliding around roundabouts!

Own Car and Bike track days in Northamptonshire - If none of the above take you’re fancy you can always take your own car or bike onto either Rockingham or Silverstone. These days run on specific dates throughout the year and are a great way for people just wanting to get a taster of what there Cars or Bikes can do when they are not restricted by the speed limits on the roads. You will find all sorts of vehicles on track from the likes of a Ferrari 430 to a Mazda MX5s.

Tandem Skydiving in Northamptonshire - 1,2,3 Jump! These are the last words you will hear before you find yourself hurtling towards tera firma. You will not find a rush like this, nor will you find a better view of the surrounding landscape as you soar through the air before your instructor deploys the parachute and guides you to solid ground. If you are an adrenalin junkie this Skydiving Experience is perfect for you, just remember to bring some clean underwear!

Tank Driving in Northamptonshire - This is the experience that gives and keeps on giving. What more could you ask for, you have mud and lots of it, you have big Tanks with giant cannons and you have the chance to crush a car, what’s not to like? Whether its just you on your own or your with your mates Tank Driving is a great way to release the Soldier in you.

If you would like to take part in any of these experiences or are looking for something different please go to any of these websites were you will find thousands of experiences for you too take part in.

28 December 2011

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