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A tank is not just for Christmas - The ultimate off-road experience

A tank is not just for Christmas - The ultimate off-road experience - News

A tank is not just for Christmas - The ultimate off-road experience

So you know a kid (of any age) that wants to drive a tank but doesn't want to join a military armoured division? Keep reading, we might have just the thing they are after in time for Christmas and we promise you can put it back before going home.

What can you expect? Well a tank is an armoured fighting vehicle and not much like a car so everything is new, from how to drive it and how it feels to drive it. The biggest battle tanks can weigh as much as 60 tons and whilst not as fast as a a car it will quite comfortably crush one under its caterpillar tracks. Also most cars don't come with a turret and gun system fitted as standard, the closest you get is a sun roof in your average family car.

So having rather crudely established the main differences with a car experience it's also important to state that tanks themselves come in many shapes and sizes but are generally big, clad in thick armour, carry big guns and have a track drive system capable of tackling very rough terrain with ease and curiously have no issues finding vacant parking spaces. For a full list of all the tank driving experiences on offer at Track Days click here > Tank Driving Experiences

But I am going to provide some general advice on a few experiences based on a few criteria such as age, groups and time.

Lets get started shall we. Love World of Tanks? Well this experience has a bit of everything for the Tank enthusiast with half a day of messing about with tanks including the opportunity to drive three military vehicles.

Awaiting you at the venue in Brackley, Northamptonshire is the 432 Armoured personnel carrier, Humvee, Lance Missile Carrier and formidable Russian Gvozdika Tank.

Spectators are welcome on this family friendly experience and for an extra £15 per person (Age 7+) and they will receive passenger rides, the armoury talk and refreshments.

Registration starts at 09.00 hours and after the role call and safety briefing its time to suit-up in camo gear and helmets. A thrilling tank experience awaits! This experience of a lifetime is yours for just £199.

Half Day Tank Driving

Tank Mania! This experience puts you behind the significant armour of four mighty military vehicles from a choice of the BV206 Hagglund, AFV 432, Mini Tanks, DAF 4x4 Troop Varrier, Land Rover or OC TAD 8-wheeled skid-steer vehicle. It's an event that recreates the feeling of being real soldiers and begins with a safety briefing followed by combat uniform fitting before the morning activities get into gear.

A 'squaddies' lunch awaits after you have burned off all of that adrenaline which is a hearty stew in the winter and tasty sandwiches or a BBQ in the summer.

This event begins with a role call at 10:00 and finishes around 15:30 depending on daylight and costs just £189.

Tank Mania

This experience is billed as a driving challenge with a difference and is for anyone over the age of 12 and 5ft tall and has a very full itinerary with a mix of driving, survival patrol, tours and shooting.

Groups are issued into 6 teams for the days activities and all will have the opportunity to drive a 432 armoured personnel carrier, Russian Gvozdika tank, Lance missile carrier and Humvee.

The grand finale will require the nomination of one person to drive the legendary 56 ton Chieftain battle tank with their team or family riding on top. That family car I spoke of at the beginning of the blog will be crushed under its tracks!

This experience lasts a full day (09.00 hours to 18:30 depending on daylight hours) £280 + £30/spectator

Full Monty Tank Driving

Enjoy your tank experience but remember they are not just for Christmas.

Matt, DSG

09 December 2016

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