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Own Bike UK Trackday

You and your motorbike on a UK track day - riding round the best race circuits in the country. Prices vary depending on the time of year and the circuit. There is a huge range of dates to choose from. We have a dedicated page where you can view them all and book online - On the top menu bar of our website click on 'Track Days' - this will take you to all our 'own vehicle' track day dates where you can browse and book.


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Fine Print


The price of the trackday includes your place on the track for all your sessions. This page is a generic cash value voucher and not for a specific circuit or date. A range of cash value vouchers are available.

A 'ride your own bike' trackday typically follows this format:

  • Registration and safety briefing
  • Sighting laps at a steady pace
  • 3 or 4 x20 minute morning sessions
  • 3 x20 minute afternoon sessions
  • There are three ability groups. Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Sessions are on 20 minute rotation through the groups.
This is a lot of track time! If you would prefer not to use your own bike we can supply a hire bike especially for track use at extra cost.

All day long. Registration starts approx 8am and the last session finishes approx 5pm.

Prices vary according to circuit and date and will be clearly listed.
You must have: A fully unrestricted motorcycle licence or current ACU licence and be over 18.
Either one piece leathers or two piece that zip together all the way round.
Leather bike gloves, Proper motorcycle boots and a full face helmet.

All race tracks are subject to safe riding conditions - see our terms and conditions.

All year round Nationwide on specific listed dates.

Photography, tyre service and suspension set-up usually available at extra cost on the day.

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