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Ferrari 458 Italia vs the Lamborghini Aventador

Are Ferrari better than Lamborghini or do Lamborghini have the edge? It would be easy looking at the stats to think that when you compare the Ferrari 458 Italia to the Lamborghini Aventador that the Lambo has a big advantage with it's mighty V12 engine.

This infographic celebrates that rivalry with a comparison of the Ferrai 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Aventador.

Those sort of comparisons are quite simplistic, too simplistic really when you consider the 'mid-range' Aventador isn't exactly practical for driving around 'traffic calmed' streets to pick up a paper and pint of milk. Ferrari tend to be considered more of a drivers car, are generally more restrained and practical and look less aggressive in their geometry.

Ferrari are a much older brand with a lot of history in motorsport to fuel research and development. Founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari the brand is synonymous with the glamorous world of celebrities and the mega-rich. Whilst Lamborghini were formed much later in 1963 they have made huge leaps with their very distinctive styling and extremely powerful engines. The Huracan recently set the prestigious fastest production car lap on the Nürburgring, smashing the previous fastest time set by the Porsche 918.

Which marque is best answered by the human being driving them, their personal taste in terms of styling, comfort, practicality and cost. Which do you prefer? I think you would have to drive both to really answer that question.

Trackdays offer many supercar experiences which allow you to sample many cars including Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Why not give both a go and let us know which you think is best?

Ferrari 458 Italia vs the Lamborghini Aventador