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Without a doubt one of the most popular circuits in the world, Spa race track in Belgium survives by its reputation. Still one of the F1 race circuits, Spa track days are one of the most exciting track day you could do.

Track Length in miles
Francorchamps Circuit 4.350

Spa race circuit, said to be one of the most challenging tracks in the world. Hills, twists and dangerous sections make this track extremely exciting to drive. The original track was 15 km and the shape of a triangle but has since been modified and now only has a length of 6.9 km. The track due to its location can suffer severe weather changes and while driving some parts of the track it can be dry and bright, other parts will be wet and dull making driving conditions harder to tackle. The track also boasts one of the most challenging sections of a race track, the Eau Rouge, after tackling the La Source hairpin the driver will be able to race down a straight before racing up a steep hill going into a combination of left-right-left turns including a blind summit.

Spa Race Track

Circuit of Spa Francorchamps
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Spa Trackdays

  October 2015
event vehicleThursday, 15 October Spa Fran'champs circuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£280.00book
event vehicleFriday, 16 October Spa Fran'champs circuitOpen Pitlane, 105 dbFullFully booked
  November 2015
event vehicleFriday, 13 November Spa Fran'champs circuitOpen Pitlane, 107 db£220.00book
event vehicleSaturday, 14 November Spa Fran'champs circuitOpen Pitlane, 107 db£295.00book