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Completely revamped in 2011 with another mile of corners added in for good measure. Still a fast flowing circuit that has retained all the best bits to keep its original fans happy. Better than ever.

Track Length in miles
200 Circuit 1.952
300 Circuit 2.99

Located at a former World War 2 US air base, Snetterton began its motor sport life in the hands of a group of Aston Martin enthusiasts. Among the first additions to the track were two chicanes designed to reduce racing speeds down the huge runways! With two of the longest straights in the country, and a location deep in the countryside, Snetterton is an ideal venue for round-the-clock events, long distance record attempts and speed trials. Newly built pit garages and hospitality suites have further enhanced its spectator appeal, and new for 2011 is the 'Snetterton 300' Circuit which adds another mile and a complex set of new corners.Snetterton is another airfield turned race track but sadly it's never been the nicest place to visit. That's not to say that it's bad circuit - far from it. It just lacks the ambience of some of the UK's premier circuits like Donington, Brands and Silverstone. When you're in the car or on the bike that hardly matters and from a driving/riding point of view Snetterton has plenty of challenges. A fast lap at Snetterton is all about carrying your speed onto the straights even though the fastest corner of all - Coram - doesn't have a much of a straight after it at all, just the very slow Russell Bend.

Snetterton Race Track

Snetterton Circuit
NR16 2JU
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  • 5°
  • 210°
  • 11.27mph
  • 100%
  • 9.99mi
  • 1016.6in
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Snetterton Track Day Dates

Snetterton Driving Experiences
  November 2014
event vehicleSunday, 02 November Snetterton 300 CircuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£129.00book
event vehicleSaturday, 15 November Snetterton 300 CircuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£129.00book
event vehicleSaturday, 29 November Snetterton 300 Circuit3 Groups p/h, 102 db£49.00book
event vehicleSunday, 30 November Snetterton 300 CircuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£119.00book
  December 2014
event vehicleSaturday, 06 December Snetterton 300 CircuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£109.00book
  February 2015
event vehicleSunday, 22 February Snetterton 300 Circuit3 Groups p/h, 102 db£59.00book