Mallory Park Track Days

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Host to many Motorsport events and a great track day and driving experience venue. One of the packages available is full-blown Formula One driving experience with overnight accommodation included.

Track Length in miles
Full Circuit 1.350
Oval Circuit 1.000

Mallory Park features the fastest corner in UK racing, the slowest hairpin and the trickiest chicane. Open practice sessions for ACU license holders are held every Wednesday afternoon and sometimes attract surprisingly big names. Linking the Lake Esses and Devils Elbow can form a one-mile oval circuit. This is used for car racing, with races run in an anti-clockwise direction. Mallory Park is the UK's second smallest circuit. Mallory is something of an institution. It's never been a really busy circuit, and it probably never will be. It doesn't play host to huge race meetings but it still is a great circuit to ride or drive. With a lake in the middle for added ambience. Mallory is actually very fast and that's despite having Shaws hairpin, easily the tightest corner of any UK track. Mallory Park offers spectators a great variety of exciting Motor sport events every weekend during the racing season. Motorbikes or cars, new or old. Something for every true Motor sport enthusiast. Plenty of places for spectators to get really close to the action... plenty of places for competitors to overtake.

Mallory Park Race Track

Mallory Park Circuit
Kirkby Mallory
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Mallory Park Track Day Dates

Mallory Park Driving Experiences
  July 2015
event vehicleFriday, 17 July Mallory Park Full circuit3 Groups p/h, 103 db£99.00book
event vehicleFriday, 24 July Mallory Park Full circuit3 Groups p/h, 105 db£99.00book
event vehicleSunday, 26 July Mallory Park Full circuit3 Groups p/h, 103 db£119.00book
  September 2015
event vehicleSunday, 20 September Mallory Park Full circuitOpen Pitlane, 103 db£159.00book
event vehicleThursday, 24 September Mallory Park Full circuitOpen Pitlane, 103 db£129.00book