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Brands Hatch has been home to British Motor Sports since 1926, constantly updated and upgraded it is now home to some of the best car and motorcycle races in the world.As well as track days Brands Hatch in your own vehicle we also offer Brands Hatch Driving Experiences.

Track Length in miles
Grand Prix Circuit 2.6002
Indy Circuit 1.2036

Brands Hatch is the one of the most charismatic circuits in the UK, steeped in history and as a spectator venue it is unsurpassed in what it can offer. The natural amphitheatre that is its 1.2 mile Indy configuration offers unparalleled views of the action, while its sensational Grand Prix circuit remains one of the biggest challenges in UK motor racing. As well as the track, there is a Rally stage and a large tarmac area which can be used for Drifting and Slalom events. As well as track days in your own vehicle we also offer Brands Hatch Driving Experiences.

Brands Hatch Race Track

Brands Hatch Circuit
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Brands Hatch Track Day Dates

Brands Hatch Driving Experiences
  November 2014
event vehicleSaturday, 29 November Brands Hatch Indy circuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£195.00book
  December 2014
event vehicleTuesday, 02 December Brands Hatch Indy circuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£99.00book
event vehicleFriday, 05 December Brands Hatch Indy circuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£150.00book
event vehicleFriday, 19 December Brands Hatch Indy circuitOpen Pitlane, 105 db£119.00book
  February 2015
event vehicleSaturday, 07 February Brands Hatch Indy circuit3 Groups p/h, 105 db£85.00book
event vehicleSaturday, 28 February Brands Hatch Indy circuit4 Groups p/h, 105 db£95.00book