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There are many frequently asked questions from our customers about track days and driving experiences so we have put the most popular ones here in the hope you can find answers without having to pick up the phone or email in. If the answer you are seeking is not here please use our live chat by clicking on the link at the foot of the page, or click our contact us page and get in touch.

What is the difference between a track day and a driving experience?
A 'track day' is an event where you can take your own vehicle to a circuit for a session or a day or track driving. A 'driving experience' is similar to a track day but the vehicle you are driving is supplied as opposed to being your own and there is usually an instructor riding as passenger giving you tuition.

For specific questions about own vehicle track days please read our track day guides:

Who can go on a driving experience?
You can take part in a driving experience if you have a full, valid driving licence and there are also many options for adult non-licence holders and juniors. On the experience pages check the important info section for details.
How long does a driving experiences last?
The duration a driving experience will last varies from package to package and location to location but typically one driving session in one car is 5 - 10 minutes behind the wheel. There is usually a short wait between sessions where you are driving more than one car and you also need to allow the additional time it takes to sign on and have a briefing. In most cases the minimum time you would be at a venue is an hour.
What should I wear for my experience day?
The clothing you should wear for a driving experience should be comfortable with arms and legs covered and flat soled shoes. This will ensure you can get out of the vehicles easily and have the best feel of the pedals possible.
Do driving experiences run on weekends?
Most driving experiences run on both weekdays and weekends however some race circuits only run weekdays due to the racing season. You will also find that some packages are 'weekday only' but can be upgraded for a weekend.
Are the supercars manual or automatic?
Most new supercars are semi-automatic and have a paddle shift gear box which mean that the gears are changed without the need of a clutch. You are able to drive with an automatic licence in this situation.
What is the best supercar to drive?
The best supercars to drive are of course a personal preference but the overall consensus among the staff at is that the Ferrari 458 is the best supercar to drive at the moment. Any 'platinum' cars in our range will be the most modern, powerful and expensive supercars available.
What is the best alternative to driving a supercar?
The best alternative to driving a supercar would be to have a go at Rally, 4x4 off road, Single Seaters, Caterhams, Radicals and Drifting experiences.
How long is my voucher valid for?
Unless stated otherwise our Vouchers are valid for 10 months from the date of purchase and the expiry date is shown on the voucher. We advise not to keep vouchers hidden away but pin them on the fridge so you don't forget to use them!
How can I redeem my gift voucher?
Vouchers can be redeemed online by clicking the My Voucher link at the top of the website but you can also email your request or call the customer service team on 01376 809001.
Are spectators allowed to watch an experience?
Yes, spectators are more than welcome to come and watch an experience take place. ‘Pay and drive’ options for guests are often available to purchase on the day subject to availability.
How long does a gift pack take to arrive?
Our gift packs are sent out first class and usually arrive within 2-3 working days via Royal Mail. We do offer a next day delivery service through UK Mail but you need to call the office if you wish to opt for next day delivery. Additional costs apply.