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Special Offers

At we strive to offer you the most competitive rates we can, and constantly update this page with our latest cheap offers and promotions on our Gift Vouchers. If you can find a voucher we offer cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we'll see what we can do for you. Check out our latest special offers and discounted track days below.

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Supercar Thrill Offer Experience from SAVE 13%

Supercar Thrill Offer

  • Choice of cars and locations
  • High-speed passenger ride included
  • Driving certificate on completion
£79.00   £69.00
Double Supercar Driving Blast with High Speed Ride Experience from SAVE 40%

Double Supercar Driving Blast with High Speed Ride

  • 6 driving miles
  • choice of cars
  • 21 locations
£99.00   £59.00
Supercar Treble Taster Offer Experience from SAVE 39%

Supercar Treble Taster Offer

  • Total of 9 miles driving
  • One of the most popular packages
  • 5 locations for great flexibility 
£129.00   £79.00
Learn to Drift Half Day Experience from SAVE 70%

Learn to Drift Half Day

  • Learn how to drift in real Nissan or Lexus drift car
  • Four UK locations including Rockingham and Birmingham Wheels Raceway
  • Includes free 3-lap high-speed passenger ride
£199.00   £59.00
Junior Supercar Platinum Experience from SAVE 10%

Junior Supercar Platinum

  • Available for ages 11-17
  • Platinum range of supercars
  • Leicester or York venue
£99.00   £89.00
Supercar Track Day Offer Experience from SAVE 50%

Supercar Track Day Offer

  • Drive a supercar for 3 laps, choose from a selection of supercars
  • Highspeed passenger ride in the Radical race car
  • Exclusive offer only available to
£199.00   £99.00
Junior Supercar Thrill Experience from SAVE 13%

Junior Supercar Thrill

  • Juniors can pick one of our great supercars
  • Perfect for juniors aged between 11-17
  • 5 locations to pick from
£79.00   £69.00
Double Supercar Blast Experience from SAVE 34%

Double Supercar Blast

  • 3 miles in each of the chosen vehicles
  • Choose from one of 5 locations 
  • Selection of cars includes Ferrari, Lamborghini plus many more
£89.00   £59.00
Supercar Taster  Experience from SAVE 13%

Supercar Taster

  • safety briefing
  • 2/3 laps driving
  • 1.5 hours at venue
£79.00   £69.00
Double Supercar Taster Experience from SAVE 8%

Double Supercar Taster

  • 2 supercars
  • 1.5 hours at venue
  • 2/3 laps per car
£129.00   £119.00
Triple Supercar Blast Experience from SAVE 6%

Triple Supercar Blast

  • 3 supercars
  • 2/3 per cars
  • 1.5 hours at venue
£179.00   £169.00
Supercar 5 Blast Experience from SAVE 43%

Supercar 5 Blast

  • Drive 5 supercars 
  • 6 UK locations available
  • Additional upgrades available
£209.00   £119.00
Formula Renault Thrill Experience from SAVE 50%

Formula Renault Thrill

  • Drive an F1 style Formula Renault Sport 2000 single seater race car
  • Get 6 laps driving or upgrade and double your distance to 12 laps
  • Available at Lincolnshire & Staffordshire
£149.00   £75.00
Classic Porsche 911 Thrill Experience from SAVE 20%

Classic Porsche 911 Thrill

  • Rare classic car
  • Oxfordshire venue
  • 6 laps driving
£99.00   £79.00
Bicester Heritage Double Experience from SAVE 35%

Bicester Heritage Double

  • Drive two iconic classics for 8 laps each
  • Nostalgic venue
  • Choose from 5 cars
£199.00   £129.00
Supercar Passenger Ride for Two Experience from SAVE 35%

Supercar Passenger Ride for Two

  • Share a passenger ride in a supercar with a friend or relative
  • Five UK venues to choose from including Rockingham
  • Ideal Valentines day gift for couples
£115.00   £75.00
Nissan GT-R R35 Experience from SAVE 61%

Nissan GT-R R35

  • 9 venues to choose from
  • Drive a performance version Nissan GTR
  • 3 laps as standard but can be upgraded to 6
£99.00   £39.00
Mustang GT 350 Blast Experience from SAVE 34%

Mustang GT 350 Blast

  • 9 locations across the UK covering both north, south, east and west
  • 3 laps as standard but you can double the distance to 6 laps 
  • available both weekdays and weekends from Feb-November
£59.00   £39.00
Supercar Track Day Platinum Experience from SAVE 44%

Supercar Track Day Platinum

  • 3 laps driving platinum supercar
  • radical passenger ride
  • exclusive experience
£230.00   £129.00
TVR T350C Thrill Experience from SAVE 50%

TVR T350C Thrill

  • 10 laps driving the super light and super quick TVR T350C at the venue in Hertfordshire
  • Only TVR driving experience currently anywhere in the UK
  • Vouchers are valid for 10 months making for ideal Christmas gifts
£118.00   £59.00
Bentley Continental GT Experience from SAVE 50%

Bentley Continental GT

  • Experience luxury, class and speed with 10 laps driving the Bentley GT
  • Available weekday and weekend dates from January-December 
  • 10-month gift voucher ideal as a Christmas or Birthday present
£118.00   £59.00
Junior Racecar Blast Experience from SAVE 51%

Junior Racecar Blast

  • Juniors aged between 10 and 16 can drive 3 laps in the Mazda MX5 or upgrade to 6 laps
  • Vouchers are valid for 10 months making them ideal Christmas gifts
  • 9 UK venues available to choose from 
£39.00   £19.00

Our Ranking System

To help you make your decision on which experiences to buy, our star ratings are based on a combination of popularity, price and content.

1 - 2 stars

Value experiences - great for low budgets but usually less drive-time than higher priced experiences. Usually limited to airfield type venues.

3 - 4 stars

Most popular experiences which have a good balance between price, itinerary and venue. Usually more drive-time and often better standard of venue than budget experiences.

5 stars

Top end, exclusive or rarest driving experiences with the best cars, best venues and the most amount of driving.